The Evolution of Smart Data Capture

Futurum Research Tech Webcast

What does smart data capture offer businesses and consumers?

Futurum Research Principal Analyst Daniel Newman met Scandit CTO Christian Floerkemeier to discuss what smart data capture offers businesses, workers and consumers.

Futurum Research is an independent research, analysis, and advisory firm focused on digital innovation, market-disrupting technologies, and industry trends.

Watch this industry analyst webcast to learn:

  • How smart data capture will transform workers’ lives and provide businesses with new ways to improve the customer experience, enable efficient operations and make data-driven decisions.
  • Why data capture methods have not kept pace with current technology and how enterprises can address this challenge.
  • How enterprises can help to eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks from frontline workers, and instead make the most of valuable interpersonal skills.
  • The importance of smart data capture in attracting and retaining talent, boosting customer loyalty and enabling enterprises to be agile in changing environments.

Read analysis from Futurum Research in the report ‘Providing Employees and Businesses With Unmatched Power

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