On-Demand Webinar

Retail Technology Fireside Chat

In this webinar, leaders from fashion retailer River Island, an icon of the British high street, joined Scandit for a fireside chat to share how a shakeup of their device strategy for store associates delivered improved store efficiency and experiences.

You’ll learn:
  • What drove the shift from single-use hardware-based scanners and communications devices to rugged smartphones with a smart data capture-powered app.
  • The impact on employee satisfaction – no more shared devices and streamlined workflows.
  • Real implementation experiences, what the new ecosystem looks like and how the strategy has impacted on their bottom line (including consolidating devices).
  • The benefits empowering employees with individual devices unlocked when serving customers.
  • Real-world insights and advice for retailers considering switching their device strategy.
Adam Warne

Adam Warne

CIO, River Island

Paul Cooper

Paul Cooper

Director of Technology Operations, River Island