How The Smartphone Can Be The All-in-One Solution For Store Operations

What You'll Learn in this Webcast

Watch this 8 minute webcast to see on-screen demos demonstrating how Scandit-powered smartphone apps can be used in just about any retail operations task.

One Device, Many Tasks:

Shelf Management

Take the effort out of shelf management. With Scandit features like Augmented Reality and MatrixScan any employee will be able to see everything that needs to be handled in the aisle. It’s time to rethink how retail works.

Receiving and Shipping

On updating inventory data you could be challenged with a number of barcode symbologies. In our demo, we show how anyone can handle this with a Scandit-powered smartphone app. Just point and scan.

Search and Find

Here we show what a store associate can do if they need to find something that is boxed in the back-of-store. If you are running out of an item in-store, just scan the barcode and our software will help your phone locate its box in the storeroom.

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The Future of Store Operations

Leveraging advanced smartphone functionality for the latest innovation in mobile computer vision technology.

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