Lightning Learnings: Optimize Order Fulfillment

Hear tips from top retailers on how to lower costs, scale up operations and meet compliance regulations.

Order Fulfillment - The Path to Profitability

Order fulfillment is tough. It requires speed, accuracy and efficiency at every stage of the process for the numbers to stack up. We’ve learned a few things from supporting leading retailers with their order fulfillment, so we thought we’d share them! Discover our insights and the path to profitability here.

Watch this 20-minute Lightning Learning webinar to learn how leading retailers have:
  • Saved over $100,000 in picking costs
  • Achieved a 0% picking error rate
  • Scaled up fulfillment operations 5x
  • Combated the use of fake IDs at order pickup
  • Reached a 95% substitution acceptance rate
Jessica Grisolia

Director of Retail Solutions, Scandit

Brad Scott

Solution Architect, Scandit

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