Unleash Barcode Scanning Adoption with Scandit Insights

Discover the surprising results of our user research into scanning UX.

Lightning Learnings: UX Scanning

How do you ensure user adoption of barcode scanning on smartphones, tablets and other smart devices with a camera? Watch this webinar to find out what we’ve learned from 100+ hours of user testing. Scandit experts will walk you through the surprising results of years of observational research and user testing.

Watch this webinar to learn about:
  • Why good UI/UX is a must have
  • Barcode scanning UI/UX best practices based on 100+ hours of testing
  • How customers boost user adoption with Scandit’s pre-built UI/UX
Walaa Wehbe

Product Marketing Manager, Scandit

Patricia Bleiker

Director, Industry Solution Management, Scandit

Speak to our experts about about user adoption of barcode scanning.


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