ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Why 2020 is the Year of Computer Vision in Retail

As the world reorients around the smartphone, the camera lens is the key bridging point between digital and physical worlds.

Kate Ancketill, Retail Analyst and Futurist

In this on-demand webinar, hear retail analyst, Kate Ancketill, and CTO and co-founder of Scandit, Christian Floerkemeier, discuss how the whole of retail is reorienting itself around the smartphone. This in-depth discussion explores the critical role computer vision technology is already playing in creating better customer engagement and reinventing the role of the store associate. Stay to the end to hear our speakers predict what computer vision will be like in 2020!

Kate Ancketill

Retail Analyst and Futurist
GDR Creative Intelligence

Christian Floerkemeier

CTO and co-founder

Watch this webinar to see:
  • Why the smartphone is reshaping next-gen retail and critical role of computer vision.
  • How computer vision is helping brands redefine employees roles, make retail stores more multitrack and facilitate conversations post purchase.
  • Ways computer vision is already supporting and evolving essential processes today, like shelf management.
  • What’s next for computer vision, including how processes like price label verification can be streamlined by combining barcode scanning, OCR and AR technology.

Watch on-demand now: