Fix It, First Time, One Mobile Scan at a Time

Cost-effective digital transformation for end-to-end field service operations.

Field Service organisations are under sustained pressure to improve customer experience and first-time fix rates, in increasingly complex operations with ever more dynamic workforces. Computer vision-enabled smart devices with augmented reality (AR) feedback cut costs, fast track operations and improve life for technicians in the field and customers. Advanced mobile data capture technology adds value from distribution centres to satellite centres to customers’ sites.

Fix It, First Time, One Mobile Scan at a Time
Download the Best Practice Guide and find out:
  • How inexpensive smart devices equipped with visual, intuitive solutions reduce operational costs with little user training.
  • Why the ability to capture multiple barcodes in a single scan and use AR overlays to access real-time inventory and operations data is critical for process improvement.
  • How to improve first-time fix rates by providing consistent real-time operations information from distribution centres to technicians in the field.

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