Optimize Retail Operations with Mobile Computer Vision

Digitalize retail operations and re-energize employees

Retailers are successfully transforming day-to-day operations with enterprise-grade scanning software on smartphones, to re-engineer and optimize regular workflows such as shelf management, stocktaking and price verification – and reduce costs at the same time. This paper offers the best practice we and our clients have learned on how to successfully introduce mobile scanning technology into existing brick-and-mortar retail operations and maximise the cost and efficiency benefits.

Optimize Retail Operations

Download the Best Practice Guide and find out:

  • The key considerations for deployment of mobile scanning solutions, including device strategy, and best practice guidance for implementation.
  • Details of the business case for replacing dedicated hardware scanners with scanning software on mobile devices.
  • Examples of how Scandit retail customers are using the technology in different ways to bring operational efficiencies to the back-of-house and shop floors, and the outcomes they have achieved.

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Coop reaches 1.6 million customers and has faster, lower-cost store operations with smartphone scanning.

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