Create a digital in-store retail experience for less with mobile computer vision

Think Like Amazon

Create the digital in-store retail experience
your customers want

Learn how to use mobile computer vision to simply and cost-effectively win customers’ hearts and minds using smartphone-based retail apps, without a large infrastructure investment and within your existing in-store environment.

Replicate the Amazon Go-type experience without costly rebuilding

Concept stores like Amazon Go that enable customers to go into a store, take what they want and leave do not come cheap and are not easy to replicate. Creating this experience requires the integration of hundreds of cameras, weight sensors, and other costly infrastructure into a custom-built premises.

You don’t need to endure all that. You can win customers’ hearts and minds by using mobile computer vision to create a similar, more diverse Amazon Go-type shopping experience using smart devices – simply, cost-effectively, and within your existing in-store environments.

Scandit mobile computer vision software is designed specifically for the smart devices that your customers and employees are already using so you can easily and affordably blend the digital and physical experiences in-store.

Blend the physical and digital world, step-by-step

Digital shopping experiences have made your customers more sophisticated than ever. They expect access to a constant stream of virtual product information, both from their smartphones and from the physical store environment. The best way to get and keep their attention is to create a “digital in-store experience”.

The step-by-step process for delivering a great digital in-store experience begins with starting with what you have got already – barcodes, price tags, and other unique identifiers – and deploying mobile computer vision technology to enable customers and employees to interact with your products.

Scandit-powered smartphones, wearables, robots, drones and shopping carts enable fast, accurate barcode scanning. Combined with augmented reality, customers and employees can get real-time information that helps them make better decisions on the spot. Not only is this dramatically less expensive than the Amazon Go store model, it also delivers benefits far beyond the convenience of eliminating queues.

Create value across the retail ecosystem

Smart devices equipped with Scandit mobile computer vision technology create boundless opportunity to drive efficiency in all retail workflows. Mobile devices equipped with advanced data capture solutions help customers learn more about products, redeem vouchers, and skip checkout lines. Employees can perform tasks such as shelf management, order picking, price verification, and assisting customers at point of sale.

Mobile computer vision makes it simple and straightforward to become a digital in-store retailer. Decide what makes sense for your business and where the greatest efficiencies and cost savings can be achieved and start deploying Scandit-powered mobile devices.