5 Ways to Ensure Patients and Staff Safety with Smart Devices

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5 Ways to Ensure Patients and Staff Safety with Smart Devices

Tackling the COVID-19 pandemic has required an unprecedented international effort. With nearly 95 million coronavirus cases estimated globally, hospital infrastructures and workflows are being pushed to the limit.

However, amid the inherent uncertainty of this crisis, one thing is clear; hospitals and healthcare providers are having to adapt in response to the current situation and future preparedness.

Finding efficient and affordable digital ways to scale up and care for patients safely is more urgent than it’s ever been. And being able to capture and connect data to digital systems to provide tracking and traceability goes a long way to meeting the challenges faced by healthcare management organizations today.

The everyday smartphone, powered with Scandit barcode scanning, offers a low-cost and accessible way to automate care procedures and help healthcare providers deliver patient-centric care at scale.

No Need for Special Equipment, Just Bring Your Own Device

Mobile scanning technology is available to hospitals and health workers with no need for dedicated devices.

A BYOD (bring your own device) strategy is becoming an increasingly attractive solution to overcome the challenge of data capture and immediate access. Health workers simply use their own mobile devices to capture accurate, real-time data – the lifeblood of safe and efficient patient care.

This is delivered to existing and newly recruited healthcare professionals without them having to search for and touch physical files when accessing patient information.

Here is a summary of the five ways Scandit-powered apps on a smart device can inject speed and accuracy into vital healthcare management workflows:

1. Contactless Patient Identity Management

Patient identity management is a basic compliance requirement and critical when dealing with high-volume admissions. The use of smart devices equipped with Scandit mobile barcode scanning software enables frontline workers to quickly and easily identify patients from the minute they are admitted to the time they are discharged.

A simple and contactless scan of a patient’s wristband means healthcare workers have immediate access to vital information such as treatment needs, test results and medical history. Scandit’s Augmented Reality (AR) overlays give healthcare workers a clear picture of accurate patient information in an instant.

2. Administer Medication Using a Timely and Accurate Approach

Scandit-powered mobile healthcare apps can scan medication records and place updates into a patient’s data file in seconds. Medications, dosage and other important information such as allergies are fully digitalized, reinforcing healthcare management and patient safety. Scandit AR functionality means apps have a world of data available simply by touching the screen of their device.

3. Track Medication and Specimen Samples through the Healthcare Supply Chain

Mobile scanning apps are able to track and manage medication, sterile fluid collection bags and other essential items, all incredibly accurately. Wherever the item is in the healthcare supply chain, Scandit-powered apps will find it and help healthcare professionals manage it. Additionally, by using Scandit’s MatrixScan feature, they can scan multiple barcodes in a single command, saving valuable time.

4. Track Vital Medical Equipment

It is not just the capability to manage crucial medications and other items that benefit from high-performance barcode scanning. Smartphone-enabled scanning  technology can also track and trace key medical equipment. This guarantees access to the right resources at the right time exactly where they are needed.

For example, surgical staff can use barcode scanning enabled mobile devices to quickly and efficiently scan instruments that are inscribed with Direct Part Marking (DPM) codes. The technology is a support tool for professionals and helps to provide transparency and accuracy in the management of surgical and other equipment.

 5. Order Medication for Faster and More Accurate Patient Care

Mobile scanning software solutions enable hospital clinicians to reorder medication and other pharmaceutical products, by simply scanning the medication package or multiple packages at once with MatrixScan to reorder prescribed items instantly.

By adding the Scandit AR-overlay feature, the user’s device will display detailed information about the item scanned on the screen. Having this instant access to accurate real-time data supports healthcare professionals in making the right decisions when reordering.

With such effortless automation, the burden placed on already stretched healthcare professionals is reduced. And patients benefit from more efficient and accurate care.

There is no doubt – more than ever –  it is an extremely challenging time to be a healthcare provider. Every supporting contribution, no matter how big or small becomes essential.

Read more about how Scandit can help you deploy mobile scanning devices to maximize healthcare compliance and patient care in this eBook or contact us today.