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The Code 93 Barcode type was originally developed in 1982 by Intermec to improve upon, and compliment, the Code 39 barcode type. Code 93, like Code 39, utilizes the full ASCII character set by using combinations of 2 characters, but was designed to be a higher density code that is also more secure. The symbology derives its name because every character is constructed from 9 modules or elements arranged into 3 bars with their adjacent spaces.

The benefits to using the Code 93 barcode type are grounded in it’s ability to store more information in a smaller space, while enabling additional security within the barcode itself. A label produced in Code 93 is approximately 25% shorter than the same label produced in Code 39. It’s compact size is one of the reasons it’s used today to label electronic components, identify products in retail inventory and provide supplementary package delivery information for the Canadian Post.

Along with many other symbologies, the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK supports camera-based Code 93 barcode scanning on iOS or Android through smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. You can download a copy of our SDK and start scanning Code 93 barcodes today bysigning up for an enterprise trial account.



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