Exploring the GS1 DataBar (RSS) Barcode Type

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The GS1 DataBar barcode, formerly known as the Reduced Space Symbology, was first introduced in 2001 and is commonly used today in retail and healthcare environments. There are 7 different 1D variations of this barcode type, 4 of which are used in retail at the point of sale (POS), and 3 of which are used to identify small objects in healthcare settings.

The GS1 DataBar barcode family was first introduced to meet the emerging business needs of the time, including the labeling and scanning of more products, capturing of additional information throughout the supply chain and at the POS, and providing an additional degree of consumer protection. GS1 Databar barcodes are smaller than typical consumer-facing barcodes, and are usually found on produce, perishables and coupons in retail stores. As of June 2011 GS1 DataBar is the mandated barcode type for retail coupons in the US.

In addition to many other symbologies, the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK supports camera-based GS1 DataBar barcode scanning on iOS or Android through smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. You can download a copy of our SDK and start scanning GS1 DataBar barcodes today by signing up for an enterprise trial account.



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