Introducing Scandit’s Mobile App Suite for Logistics and Transport

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With so many moving pieces to keep in order, data capture is core to the way logistics and transportation companies operate. From data entry to product identification, QA to shipping and fulfillment, to ordering and tracking and more, the requirements of companies in the logistics and transportation industries are as unique as they are varied.

Scandit’s new Mobile App Suite for Logistics and Transport provides fully customizable, cross-platform solutions for the transport and logistics industries. Our selection of mobile app templates eliminate the need to develop custom apps and backend services, drastically reducing time to market, all while providing the flexibility to create a custom user experience.

The Mobile App Suite for Logistics and Transport enables companies to:

  • Drastically improve tracking processes — Experience next-generation product tracking and delivery while using familiar devices paired with our mobile logistics suite.
  • Replace dedicated hardware and reduce costs — Replace expensive dedicated devices with a mobile scanning solution that is familiar and easy for employees to use.
  • Streamline operations — make your processes more efficient so your operations run on time and on budget.

All Scandit solutions include our high performance barcode scanning software, which delivers unmatched speed and accuracy in software-based barcode scanning on smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Key Features

  • Designed for iOS and Android
  • Fully optimized for mobile devices
  • Completely customizable
  • Easy integration with existing data sources and IT infrastructure
  • Extendable (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Premium features including barcode scanner and real time analytics

Key Benefits

  • Fast and easy deployment with little to no training or management needed
  • Industry-leading TCO
  • Designed with the user experience in mind

How Mobile App Suite for Logistics and Transport is being used

Pickup & Delivery — Scandit’s Pickup & Delivery Solution provides logistics professionals with a powerful solution to track packages at pick-up and delivery with their smartphone, eliminating the need for staff to carry an expensive dedicated barcode scanner.

Shipping & Receiving — Scandit’s Shipping & Receiving Solution helps you keep track of shipments as they are leaving your warehouse and arriving at their destination.

Asset Management — Scandit’s Asset Management Solution helps you keep track of your equipment, helping to enforce maintenance cycles.

Check-In & Boarding — Scandit’s Check-In and Boarding Solution helps you keep track of passengers as they check-in and board your aircraft or vessel.

Scandit’s Mobile App Suite for Logistics and Transport represents a fundamental shift in the way logistics and transportation organizations like Winterhalter + Fenner AG, American Woodmark and more around the globe optimize processes and operations.

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