Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK – Latest Features From 6.11 & 6.12

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Barcode Scanning, ID Scanning and Framework Support are big focuses on the two latest SDK releases.

Scandit 6.12 Release

The 6.12 release includes a new timesaving barcode scanning option, the ability to identify ID document types, and additional framework support. Plus, we’ve included an additional tutorial section on how to get the most out of Scandit Smart Data Capture.

Barcode selection update

Efficiency is key to any smart data capture app. 6.12 comes with a new timesaving option to select multiple codes in the camera preview. You can now configure barcode selection to select all the barcodes using a button or a gesture. Users can then deselect unneeded barcodes by tapping on them.

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MRZ document identification

It is now possible to identify what type of travel document is being scanned when scanning machine-readable zones (MRZ). Scan results will now show if it is one of the following document types:

  • Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Service Passport
  • Temporary Passport
  • Visa
  • Residence Permit
  • Work Permit

See the full list of supported document types here:
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MRZ scanning update for Android

Android users can now scan machine-readable zones (MRZ) with the smart device’s front-facing camera. Users can easily dock their mobile device and enable hands-free, front-camera scanning. This feature is already available for iOS.

Quick authenticity checks for new frameworks

Our quick ID verification checking for US drivers licenses released in 6.11 is now supported on React Native, Xamarin.Native, Xamarin.Forms, Flutter, Cordova. Check out the video to find out more.

Scandit 6.11 Release

The latest release includes ID Scanning enhancements to identification checks on AAMVA driver licenses, expanding our Text Capture framework support, and improvements to our analytics dashboard.

See Full Release Notes

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AAMVA Driver License Checks

6.11 can conduct basic authenticity checks in seconds on AAMVA-issued driver licenses. It does this by comparing the PDF417 barcode with the data on the front of the license.


  • Protect minors from age-restricted goods by detecting inconsistencies in fake IDs.
  • Remove the responsibility for the decision from the employee.

Find out more about US Driver License checks in our documentation.

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Faster ID Scanning

The latest release expands on the ability to scan different ID types without toggling between scanning modes. This capability now includes scanning Visual Inspection Zones (VIZ) and Machine Readable Zones (MRZ) simultaneously.

In addition, we’ve also increased the Machine Readable Zone scan range by 40%.


  • You can now allow users to scan different document types without changing the scan settings – significantly reducing the time needed to check identity documents and removing any unnecessary friction.
  • Greater MRZ scanning distance enables the user to safely scan IDs from a distance. In some cases, the ID owner never has to hand over their ID.

See more about integrating ID Scanning in our documentation.

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We have expanded our framework support by adding Text Capture to Capacitor, Flutter and Xamarin.Forms. This means all major cross-platform frameworks now support Text Capture.

You can incorporate Text Capture capability – like scanning IBAN, VIN, LOT, and REF codes – into your workflow.


  • Read any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, font or color.
  • Pair with our Barcode Scanner to simultaneously scan barcodes and text on a smart device

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ID Capture is now on Flutter

Flutter users can now integrate Scandit’s ID Scanning capabilities to quickly and securely verify identity documents. ID Scanning is also supported on Cordova, Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, and React Native.

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We have continued to upgrade our analytics platform. Login now to see the new dashboard, the additional features, and stay informed about how your license key is used.

Improvements include:

  • A clear overview of all your license keys.
  • Each key’s features.
  • Status and usage of each key.