Smart data capture combines optical character recognition (OCR) with barcode and object scanning to enable real-time decision-making, engagement, and workflow automation at scale.

20kWorks on over 20,000 different smart devices

1sScan and verify IDs in 1 second

20mOver 20 million OCR-supported scans every year


Make shelf visibility constant and get real-time, actionable insights.

  • Simultaneously scan shelf labels and products via mobile devices or autonomous floor scrubbers
  • Compare to system data using AI-based retail shelf analytics.
  • Get real-time product and store-level insights and actionable tasks delivered via augmented reality (AR) and dashboards on smart devices.

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ID Scanning

Quickly, accurately and securely scan and verify passports and IDs

  • Simultaneously scan text, barcodes and images from 2000+ identity documents worldwide
  • Extract data and detect fake IDs in 1 second
  • Run on any smart device with a camera, including smartphones, tablets and dedicated scanners.
  • Scan IDs without needing an internet connection

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OCR Scanner Solutions in Action

See how OCR combines with barcode scanning and object recognition to transform different industries

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Improve pricing and promotion execution, streamline in-store order picking and standardize and track ID checks.

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Post, Parcel & Express

Detect fake IDs when delivering sensitive or age-restricted goods, without sacrificing efficiency.

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Air Travel

Reduce error and remove friction by allowing customers and ground staff to scan passports.

Enterprise-Level Success

Whether you’re evaluating, integrating, or rolling out, our Enterprise Success Team has supported hundreds of companies in integrating smart data capture.

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