Text Recognition (OCR) on Smart Devices

Add enterprise-grade optical character recognition software to any native mobile app on any smart device.

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It’s not just about scanning barcodes, you need text, too.

Scandit OCR software turns any smart device into a powerful OCR scanner that reads any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, font or color.

Typical uses include retail price verification, passport & ID checks, IBANs (banking) and VINs (automotive) and LOT & REF codes (healthcare). OCR is often combined with our barcode scanning software to deliver simultaneous barcode and text scanning on a smart device.


Scandit mobile scanning is typically x3 lower cost than dedicated scanners


Scandit barcode scanning works on over 20,000 different device types


Scandit is the preferred mobile barcode scan provider of the industry standards body, GS1

Who Uses Text Recognition (OCR)?

Businesses from industries such as retail, transport & logistics, automotive, healthcare and manufacturing need to scan and capture a combination of text and barcodes.

ocr reading vin scanning


Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) can be scanned from a familiar smart device at high speed and even with damaged or poorly lit VIN codes at a wide range of distances and angles.

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scan medication


Pharmaceutical products where the data is not encoded within a barcode, such as LOT or REF codes are scanned by OCR (optical character recognition). Where there is a barcode as well as text, Scandit software handles both simultaneously.

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using ocr after scanning

Post, Parcel & Express

If a label on a parcel or package is so damaged in transit that the barcode is completely unscannable, OCR software (optical character recognition) can read accompanying text instead. The OCR software is integrated with the Barcode Scanner SDK for simultaneous scanning of barcodes and text. Our software scans multiple lines of text on many labels in a single scan from a smart device.

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Bank employees using a familiar smart device equipped with Scandit OCR software, can quickly scan any alphanumeric text such as International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN) or document/form numbers into workflows. Mobile banking customers can use OCR to scan payment details into a mobile app – avoiding error-prone manual typing of important numbers.

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Scandit Passport scanning

Air Travel

Airline and airport employees can quickly scan Machine-readable Passports and ID Cards with a smart device equipped with Scandit OCR software. For example, employees processing passengers at boarding gates don’t have to be tied to costly podiums and instead can use simple smartphones or tablets. And airlines can offer passengers the option to scan their own passports at home during online check-in.

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Scandit OCR in Retail


As with any supply chain, labels on packaging in retail get damaged in transit, so using OCR software (optical character recognition) to read accompanying text instead of barcodes can prevent costly time delays in delivery and tracking. Our software scans multiple lines of text on many labels in a single scan from a smart device. OCR is also used to check ID of individuals in the supply chain or customers making collections without correct paperwork.

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Add Text Recognition (OCR) to Native Mobile Apps

Barcode Scanner SDK

OCR is a module in the barcode scanner SDK which integrates Scandit’s scanning software to mobile apps. Supports most development platforms and OEM devices.

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Need to Scan ID Documents with Speed and Accuracy?

Rapidly capturing data from identity documents is critical for many employee and customer processes, such as passport and ID checks or onboarding to a consumer app.

Scandit’s ID scanning software enables mobile apps to scan different types of identity documents on everyday smart devices. It’s an enterprise-grade solution that combines barcode scanning, text recognition (OCR), and RFID technology to capture and parse data, seamlessly completing workflows or customer processes. It helps eliminate the need for manual data entry, reducing human-error, and driving efficiency.


More Mobile Scanning Solutions

scanning barcode

Barcode Scanning

Bring unrivaled barcode scanning performance to any app on any smart device to add a new level of speed and efficiency to workflows across the many industries that use barcodes.

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Scandit - OCR Barcode Scan

Augmented Reality (AR) Overlay

AR-Overlay displays information after the scan, pulling from any data source, such as product or delivery information, flight status or stock counts. For example, a worker hovers the device over a batch of packages to search & find one item, or a retail shelf can be checked for correct pricing or expiry dates.

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