Scandit OCR

Add enterprise-grade text scanning to any native mobile app on any smart device.

Why Use Scandit OCR Software

Scandit OCR software delivers fast, reliable and accurate text scanning functionality to any native mobile application—and turns any smart device into a powerful OCR scanner. Scandit OCR reads any alphanumeric code, regardless of text size, font or color.

Scandit OCR can be used together with our barcode scanning software to deliver simultaneous barcode and text scanning on a single smart device. The result is a lower cost of ownership compared to dedicated hardware scanners and in many cases, increased efficiency and improved user experience with reduced human error.

Customers can incorporate the Scandit software into virtually any enterprise app running on any mobile device to achieve simultaneous text and barcode scanning. Typical workflows include price verification, IBAN and VIN scanning, LOT number capture and passport scanning. See below some sample use cases from different industry sectors.

All Scandit software is designed for enterprise-grade use with market-leading scan speeds and accuracy and is scalable to support large implementations. We offer specialist technical support for developers during implementation phases and a range of support and analytics options during live service.

Scandit OCR Software

How It Works With Barcode Scanning

The OCR functionality works directly with the smartphone camera viewfinder, just like with our barcode scanning functionality, so there’s no need for users to take pictures of the text. This is what makes it possible to perform barcode and text scanning simultaneously in a single scan when integrated with the Barcode Scanner SDK.

Cross-Platform for Maximum Reach

Scandit OCR software is easy to implement to work with the Barcode Scanner SDK.

Our patented scanning technology works on a variety of platforms including:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • Titanium
  • IBM MobileFirst
  • hybris
  • Telerik
  • Ionic
  • SAP Fiori
OCR platforms

Use Cases for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Scandit OCR software supports a number of different use cases across many industries.


VIN Scanning

Scandit OCR software enables automotive organisations to transform any camera-equipped smart device into a powerful OCR scanning machine, capable of processing vehicle identification numbers (VIN) with lightning speed. The OCR functionality is able to capture damaged and poorly lit VIN codes at a wide range of distances and angles.

When integrated in a mobile app with the Barcode Scanner SDK, augmented reality feedback displays vehicle information right on the device screen to help users improve the accuracy and efficiency of their workflows.


Scanning Pharmaceuticals with no Barcode

We help make critical healthcare workflows faster and more accurate. Clinicians using smart devices equipped with Scandit OCR software can use a mobile app to quickly perform scanning of pharmaceutical products where the data is not encoded with a barcode, such as LOT or REF codes.

Where there is a barcode as well as text, the Scandit software can perform OCR and barcode scanning simultaneously and users can scan multiple items in a single instance. Plus, augmented reality feedback can display additional information right on the device screen to assist healthcare professionals complete the task at hand.

Transportation and Logistics

Text Scanning on Labels

Transport and logistics workflows need OCR scanning when for example a label is so damaged in transit that the barcode is unscannable.  If there is also a need to capture critical data not in a barcode, the Scandit OCR software can be integrated with the Barcode Scanner SDK for simultaneous scanning of barcodes and text.

Scandit OCR software performs scanning on multiple lines of text on many labels in a single scan with the same mobile device. This unmatched speed and accuracy provides efficiency improvements to workflows such as loading and sorting packages or shipping and receiving  – even when scanning has to be done in poor light or at a wide angle or a distance.


Scanning International Bank Account Numbers (IBAN)

Bank employees can use a mobile device equipped with Scandit OCR software to quickly and accurately capture IBANs. Since most bank employees use smart devices and are familiar with mobile apps, integrating Scandit OCR software in a mobile app for text scanning requires no training and enables them to perform this task quickly and accurately.


Scanning Passports and IDs

Passengers and employees can quickly scan Machine-Readable Passports and IDs with a smart device equipped with Scandit OCR software. For example, airlines can offer passengers the option to scan their passports at home during online check-in and airport employees can scan passports at the gate using a simple smartphone. The Machine-Readable Zone in passports is scanned with the highest speed and accuracy, providing efficient ID handling.

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