Scandit Focuses on Streamlining Logistics Workflows with Mobile Scanning at LogiMAT 2017

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scandit stall

In mid-March, Scandit exhibited at LogiMAT 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. Joining 50,000 global attendees and 1,400 exhibitors, Scandit offered hands-on demonstrations of how its leading-edge mobile data capture technology is transforming the logistics industry.

Features of the Scandit booth included explanatory videos and interactive demonstrations of mobile data capture solutions. Scandit representatives were on hand to explain how logistics professionals can use traditional mobile devices to lower costs and streamline operations related to core logistics use cases such as order entry, proof of delivery, shipping and receiving, and asset management.

Popular demonstrations included:

A multiscanning function that lets users track and scan multiple barcodes at once. This enables capabilities such as searching and finding specific SKUs and receiving entire pallets with a single scan.


A rotator that showed off how fast and consistently our barcode scanner reads a code.


The new Scandit Case for iPod Touch. The recently released Scandit Case for iPod touch is the next-generation version of the Scandit Case and features improved materials that increase ruggedness and grip The Scandit Case works with all of Scandit’s mobile scanning solutions, provides protection during everyday activities, and offers a scanning experience equivalent to handheld scanners and mobile computers at a fraction of the cost.

The latest version of Scandit Flow for iOS and Android. This update includes significant improvements to our platform that make it easier for enterprises to quickly build, deploy and manage mobile data capture solutions for key barcode scanning workflows across the supply chain.

Our barcode scanner SDK. This provides retailers with the speed and performance necessary to replace dedicated barcode scanners and mobile computers with more flexible and cost-effective mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and wearables. The result: equivalent or improved scanning performance on a smart device at a fraction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of traditional scanners.

In addition, Samuel Mueller, CEO and co-founder of Scandit, gave a presentation called “Embracing Mobility: Leveraging Mobile Data Capture Solutions to Transform Operations and Enhance Supply Chain Visibility” as part of Sam LogiMATthe LogiMAT Innovations Forum on Thursday, March 16. To an audience of logistics professionals, Muller explained how smartphone-based mobility and data capture solutions have become a true alternative to traditional barcode scanners and mobile computers. Business benefits include three to five times lower total cost of ownership (TCO), streamlined operations, and real-time analytics. He also highlighted how Scandit solutions work across a variety of device platforms, such as smartphones/tablets, wearables, and even drones and robots, and can benefit industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and healthcare.

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