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Scandit Mobile App for COVID Testing

Scandit’s free mobile app captures patient ID and clinical specimen data, quickly and safely. Download and deploy it now for use as a COVID test scanner. Benefits include:

  • No integration or setup needed.
  • Assists with field testing processes anywhere, including tents and drive-throughs, ensuring speed, accuracy and safety.
  • Workers can scan patient ID and barcodes on test samples with any smart device, with no physical contact.
  • No manual data entry during test administration, captured data can be simply exported.
  • The app is HIPPA compliant – no data is kept within the app on the device or shared with Scandit or any 3rd party.


COVID-19 testing

How Does the App Work?

  • Simply download the app for free on any iOS or Android device.
  • Select the Patient Data Capture mode in the app.
  • Scan patient ID documents (see below for detail).
  • Scan the corresponding barcode on the specimen collection tubes.
  • Print or export the collected and parsed data instantly.


If you have any questions or want to customize the app,
please contact support here

Download our demo app from the Apple App store
Download our demo app from the Apple App store
Download our demo app from the Google Play store
Built with Scandit proven, enterprise-grade scanning technology, the app:
  • Scans ID Documents by combining text recognition and barcode scanning:

    • ID cards and Passports with Machine Readable Zones (MRZ)
    • US and Canadian driver’s licenses using PDF417 barcode at the back of the license
  • Scans specimen collection tube: barcode symbologies supported data Code128, EAN13, QR Code, Micro QR Code, Data Matrix.
  • Is HIPPA compliant and doesn’t store or keep any personal information after the scanning process.

Ready to get started?

Get in touch with our team to learn more about using smart data capture for efficient and reliable COVID test scanning.

OK logo“Scandit’s technology is highly advanced. Their scan engines demonstrate speed and accuracy that are incomparable with those of other scan engines.”Satoru Tanaka, Executive Officer and General Manager of Information Technology (IT) at OK