Mobile Computer Vision is Revolutionizing Transportation and Supply Chain Logistics

Use barcode scanning-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality to optimize critical processes.

High Performance Scanning

Smartphones and tablets equipped with computer vision software deliver enterprise-grade barcode scanning, reading even low-quality codes at any angle, at a wide range of distances and in all lighting conditions. Scandit technology turns every smart device into a powerful data capture machine and empowers every employee to perform tasks with far greater efficiency and at a much lower cost.

MatrixScan and Augmented Reality

MatrixScan enables users with a barcode scanning-equipped mobile app to capture many barcodes on a shelf or pallet in a single instance, resulting in dramatic time savings. Augmented Reality feedback gives users real-time product information directly on the smart device screen, accurately instructing employees and enabling them to make better decisions.

Innovate with Mobile Computer Vision

The Scandit data capture platform goes beyond barcode scanning and smart devices. Text and object recognition tools enable transportation and logistics enterprises to improve operational efficiency with wearables, drones and robots as well.

Scandit Use Cases for the Supply Chain Logistics Industry

Smart devices equipped with a barcode scanning-enabled app deliver speed and simplicity to many logistics processes—ranging from asset management to order entry. Scandit technology enables users to scan barcodes and text on labels and well as perform object recognition. Augmented reality feedback provides users with real-time product information that helps streamline warehouse management and delivery processes. Explore below for more information on how Scandit technology can streamline your warehouse management and delivery efforts.

  • Order Entry
  • Mobile Proof of Delivery
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Asset Management

Top Supply Chain Logistics Companies Trust Scandit

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