Boost Productivity with Digitalization

Retailers, transportation and logistics, healthcare and manufacturers are mobilizing operational processes using Samsung enterprise-grade smartphones equipped with innovative smart data capture solutions from Scandit. Replace single purpose scanners with smart devices to capture data and blend physical objects with digital information.

Samsung and Scandit

Imagine a Device that’s the Ideal Data Capture Companion

Better Retail Employee and Customer Experiences with Samsung & Scandit

Optimize Operations with Speed and Accuracy

Give your frontline team a device that’s more than up for the job. Combine Scandit’s high performance data capture from barcodes, text, IDs and objects with Samsung’s line of ruggedized tablets and smartphones. Boost workforce speed and productivity – in even the toughest conditions.

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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro: built for the Last Mile

Boost Worker Efficiency and Delight Customers

Automate end-to-end operations by moving routine processes onto mobile devices to empower employees and differentiate customer experiences.

Scan multiple barcodes at once for ultimate efficiency or use AR feedback to add real-time insights for workers.

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What can Samsung and Scandit do For You?

Reduce TCO versus handheld scanners

Pair Scandit’s speed and reliability with Samsung’s device capabilities, such as military grade ruggedness and pogo pin charging, all at a lower cost per device.

Seamless business processes and user experiences

Combine barcode scanning, OCR and Augmented Reality to enable business transformation, operational innovation and a true mobile-first user experience.

Empower employees

One familiar, multi-purpose device for any task increases employee satisfaction, streamlines employee onboarding and enhances decision making with real-time data at your fingertips.

Solutions built for business

Samsung’s broad device portfolio paired with Knox offers unparalleled security and control. Scandit Smart Data Capture unlocks unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence to transform workflows.

Scandit Smart Data Capture Now on the New Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro

Learn how Scandit has collaborated with Samsung on the new Galaxy XCover6 Pro, empowering frontline workers with an enterprise-grade smartphone capable of delivering innovative solutions for data capture workflows.

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Learn how Scandit Smart Data Capture is giving superpowers to workers, customers and businesses.

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