Preparing for Peak Season

Find out how smartphone scanning helps retailers and logistics companies with seasonal or unexpected surges in demand.

Scale-up Capacity with Smartphone Scanning

2020 saw unprecedented peak season demand. With surging online purchasing driving delivery volume, capacity was under severe pressure. Get ahead of the next peak with a smartphone scanning solution to seamlessly scale with demand fluctuations – both seasonal and unplanned.

More Than Just An Enterprise-Grade Barcode Scanner

One proven technology that is available, affordable and scalable to tackle peaks is leveraging scanning-enabled smart devices for last mile drivers.

The challenge? Optimize your current delivery resources and create additional capacity to fulfill these extra orders, fast. Smartphone scanning can be rapidly brought into multiple workflows including sorting and loading, proof of delivery, age verification and more.

Scandit turns any smart device into high performance scanners – from contractors personal phones with BYOD apps to enterprise-owned, rugged smartphones optimized for delivery workflows.

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Get Ready to Scale at the Speed of Need

As customers enter holiday season mode, you must get your operations ready to process more deliveries.

By replacing hardware scanners with barcode scanning smartphones, you can scale your capacity and quickly onboard new staff.

Other benefits:

  • An ability to choose from a COPE or BYOD strategy to scale staff numbers up and down with speed.
  • No need to invest in a stock of expensive, inflexible hardware scanners.
  • Scandit’s barcode scanning SDK can be deployed in only a few weeks.

Scandit-powered apps match or even exceed the scanning performance of dedicated devices in real-world conditions on everyday smartphones.

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Post, Parcel and Express

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instacart logo“Scandit was key in supporting our BYOD strategy and helping us scale up and down based on demand. We are able to onboard new contractors quickly because we know the essential scanning function will just work on any smart device.”Chace Burnette, Principal Engineer at Shipt.

Seasonal Surge Shopping

Get Ready for the Seasonal Surge

Check out this webinar and learn from Scandit Solution Consultants how smartphone scanning can help retailers and logistics companies deal with peak period increases. They will also share best practice on who has managed to handle peak periods well and how it is done best.

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