Solve the Last Mile Paradox

The last mile faces a paradox. Consumers expect quicker, better, yet cheaper delivery. But the last mile is often the most expensive, inefficient part of the process. So put smart data capture into drivers’ hands for a smarter way to scale.

Fast, Flexible Driver Operations with Smart Data Capture

By empowering drivers with Scandit Smart Data Capture, smart devices can act as high performance barcode scanners with advanced capabilities, such as augmented reality and ID scanning.

Optimize current delivery resources, maintain service levels and create additional capacity for peaks fast, without major disruption or capital investment. Scanning-enabled smartphones can be rapidly brought into multiple workflows such as sorting and loading, proof of delivery, and more.

Turn any smartphone into a cost effective and reliable data capture device – from contractors personal phones with BYOD apps to enterprise-owned, rugged models.


Smarter Scaling with Supreme Satisfaction

Facing surging e-commerce and unpredictable peaks, operations must deliver more, with greater speed and flexibility.

With smart data capture-enabled smartphones, driver operations can rapidly scale capacity with need, boost efficiency and satisfy customers:

  • Onboard new drivers faster with AR overlays displaying instructions.
  • Reduce errors, innovate inefficient processes, like sorting and loading, by scanning multiple parcels at once with MatrixScan.
  • Visually display real-time information (i.e. delivery instructions) to boost success.

Transform productivity and efficiency with Scandit. Fewer errors, more speed and on-time deliveries equals satisfied customers.


Loading the Van MatrixScan AR Delivery Zones

See what could happen if you gave your workers smartphone barcode scanning superpowers.

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