Keep on Top of a Seasonal Surge

Find out how smartphone scanning helps both retailers and logistics companies with seasonal surges in demand.

Scale-up Capacity with Smartphone Scanning

Seasonal peak demand – like Black Friday or New Year – is set to present a huge opportunity for growth. A fast implementation of a smartphone scanning solution is a great way to flexibly stay above a sudden surge in online purchasing.

Give Every Employee an Enterprise-Grade Barcode Scanner

According to Salesforce, companies offering curbside pickup are set to increase revenue by end-2020 by up to 90%, compared to the same period in 2019.

So whether you are in retail – like grocery, fashion, or cosmetics – or logistics, the challenge is to create additional capacity to fulfill these extra orders. Smartphone scanning can be brought into multiple workflows including eCommerce order fulfilment, sorting and loading, proof of delivery.

Scandit’s barcode scanning SDK puts an enterprise-grade scanner into the hands of any employee.

Get Ready to Process More Orders

As customers get ready for the holiday season you must get your systems ready to process more orders.

By upgrading smartphones to barcode scanners, you can scale your systems and quickly introduce new staff.

Other benefits:

  • An ability to choose from a COPE or BYOD strategy to scale staff numbers up and down.
  • Different workflows where smartphone scanning can work, including picking, proof of delivery, and order pickup.
  • Scandit’s barcode scanning SDK can be deployed in only a few weeks.

Scandit has a range of partners including New Black and Xenia, so you can implement Scandit’s barcode scanning technology even faster.

Post, Parcel and Express

We’re happy to help you get started with Scandit

instacart logo“Scandit supports shopper scanning activities across approximately 1,000 different device models running on both the Android and iOS platforms.”Store Associate, Instacart, the North American leader in online groceries.

Seasonal Surge Shopping

Get Ready for the Seasonal Surge

Check out this webinar and learn from Scandit Solution Consultants how smartphone scanning can help retailers and logistics companies deal with peak period increases. They will also share best practice on who has managed to handle peak periods well and how it is done best.

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