Delivery company Yodel, replaced parcel delivery scanners with a mobile app that delivery drivers use on their smartphones or on company-provided devices. Productivity is up, as couriers confirm proof of delivery in real-time with a quick barcode scan.

The app has transformed our on-the-road courier experience. It was deployed rapidly to over 600 users, on time, with no issues. We are delighted in our partnership with Scandit in terms of product quality, technical support and their roadmap for future innovation – factors critical to the success of our transformation program.
Helen Marshall, Chief Information Officer, Yodel


Replace HHTs with a mobile app on smart devices

Yodel’s transformation goals were about productivity and business efficiency. According to CEO Mike Hancox, “strong, but targeted investment in technology is key to ensure the network is always prepared for spikes in demand.”

As part of their digital strategy, Yodel’s transformation program involved phasing out hand-held terminals (HHTs) used by delivery couriers – replacing them with smart devices using a mobile app integrated with powerful barcode scanning software. The HHTs were becoming outdated, and software-based scanning offered a cost-effective and flexible solution to bring crucial transparency and visibility to the delivery process.

The company chose to opt for a BYOD (bring your own device) strategy to give more flexibility to their growing number of self-employed couriers out on the road.


Delivery app with high-performance scanning for iOS and Android devices

Yodel selected Scandit to provide the barcode scanner software for their delivery app after it out‑performed all other software options in testing.

The delivery app was developed for Android and iOS devices so that drivers can use their own smartphones or any future company-provided devices. Colleagues can process deliveries while out on the road and confirm proof of delivery in real-time with a quick barcode scan.

With so many self-employed couriers out on the road, Scandit’s scanning app:

  • Works on all smartphone models and supports Yodel’s BYOD policy.
  • Supports over 20,000 smart device models. 
  • Allows Yodel to rapidly bring on new drivers with minimal training, minus investment in additional delivery devices.


Last mile colleagues use the Scandit-powered app daily
The delivery app is used on over 300 different BYOD device types
Version release of this successful app

Rapid deployment and a transformed courier experience

“It’s great being able to scan and walk, instead of having to scan at the door. The app allows us to scan as soon as you get near the barcode – no more having to zoom in and out or making sure the parcel is out of any light – it’s even scanning broken barcodes. I seem to be faster at delivering, as this technology is speeding me up.”

Tania Pinkerton, Yodel Courier

Since moving to BYOD, Yodel has witnessed a tenfold increase in their BYOD community with up to 7000 last mile colleagues using the technology every day. The company is delivering the tenth release of their delivery app powered by Scandit’s scanning technology.

Yodel’s Chief Information Officer, Helen Marshall said, “The seamless onboarding of last mile colleagues throughout the unpredictability of the COVID pandemic was made possible by our easy to use delivery app, coupled with the self-provisioning afforded by our BYOD approach and Scandit’s high-performance smartphone scanning solution.” She added, ”To date over 300 different devices use our app in last mile delivery.”

Critical success factors for the Yodel–Scandit partnership:

  • Scanning performance: dramatically different from other solutions tested.
  • Expert technical support: provided throughout design and implementation phases.
  • Scandit’s technology roadmap: for future innovation will continue to support the digital programme.
  • User satisfaction: couriers and carriers have noted the usability, which allows for a quick barcode scan, maintaining a slick confirmation of proof of delivery in real-time.

Future plans: Add AR and expand to Service Centres

To drive further productivity gains, Yodel plans to use Scandit’s MatrixScan and augmented reality (AR) features in both, this app, and a new service center app – providing scanning of multiple items in one go, and additional information as an AR-overlay. Yodel expects this to help speed up loading at depots and reduce the time taken to find packages in vans.

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