Did you know 76% of postal operators said the largest impact on their business has been reduced mail volumes*?

At the same time, the ability to quickly and accurately scan barcodes and track posts is a necessity. Delivery companies must find a way to do this more effectively while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

This is where Scandit steps in.

We’ve updated our native Barcode Scanner SDK so it can scan sorter-printed S18 4-State fluorescent barcodes on any device. Here are just a few ways this will change workflows for postal employees and businesses.

  • Support Manual Sorting of Mail
  • Quality Assurance of Mail Delivery
  • Data Gathering for Mail Delivery Chain Optimization

Read on to see how.

Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK now supports S18 barcode scanning on smart devices

The Power of Automation in Reducing Manual Work

Challenges of Manual Processes

Sorting letters manually is not only labor-intensive but prone to human error. This can lead to misdirected mail and inefficiencies, impacting overall service quality.

How our solution helps

Scandit’s introduction of UPU S18 barcode scanning for smart devices can help address this challenge.

It allows workers to quickly access and review automated routing system information. For instance, if a letter has been successfully routed employees can confirm this.

They can then manually reintegrate the letter back into the automated sorting process. This helps ensure minimal disruption.

Additionally, workers can overwrite the incorrect sorting barcode if the automated routing system has incorrectly sorted a letter. Or they manually send the letter to the right location.

Benefits for mail sorting operations

Reducing Manual Sorting

Fluorescent barcode scanning brings several benefits to mail sorting operations. It significantly reduces the manual workload and increases operational efficiency and time savings.

Minimizing reliance on manual sorting reduces the likelihood of human error, ensuring higher accuracy in mail delivery.

Ensuring Compliance and Quality

Service Level Agreements

Importance of Compliance

In mail delivery, meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs) is vital. These agreements set clear rules for on-time and accurate delivery.

Mail companies must prove they follow these SLAs. Not doing so can lead to big fines. This makes following SLAs a key part of the mail business.

And it can go wrong. Last year, a European postal company was fined $7 million for missing its delivery targets. This includes a requirement to deliver 93% of First Class mail within one working day.

Feature Functionality

Introducing fluorescent barcode scanning for smart devices can help mail companies meet these SLAs. It goes a long way toward letting them track each letter’s journey.

The feature gives detailed data on where and when mail is sorted and delivered. It helps companies make sure they are meeting their SLAs. It also reduces mail sorting errors.

Revolutionizing Data Capture and Accuracy

Accurate Data Capture

Feature Capabilities

The mail delivery business operates on tight margins and often struggles with incomplete tracking information.

The lack of detailed data makes it hard to fully optimize the mail delivery chain.

Incorporating UPU S18 barcode scanning on any device significantly improves data capture and accuracy. It enables precise data capture on mail movement, from sorting to final delivery.

Advantages and benefits

What are the benefits of this?

First, it enables better decision-making. Mail companies can optimize their delivery chains with more accurate data.

Inefficiencies like unnecessary delivery runs or redundant processes. This optimization frees up resources, improving parcel delivery capacity and overall operational improvements.

Furthermore, accurate data capture leads to improved customer satisfaction.

Simple integration

The functionality is on Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK. Our Enterprise Success team can help with the integration and ensure it is simple and straightforward.

Scandit’s barcode scanning software works on various operating systems, frameworks, 3rd party systems. OEM devices include iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Xamarin, Cordova, React Native, IBM MobileFirst, SAP Fiori, and Oracle Xstore.

Try it out for yourself

Scandit can significantly reduce the manual workload and human error, bringing the precision and speed of automated systems into the hands of employees.

It ensures strict compliance with Service Level Agreements, avoiding potential fines and enhancing the quality of mail delivery.

Moreover, Scandit’s Smart Data Capture offers additional capabilities like autonomous counting or finding.

Discover how Scandit can enhance and optimize your mail delivery processes and give superpowers to your workers.

Contact us for more information or set up a meeting with our team to get a demo.

*Source: Escher Future of Posts


How does UPU 4-State Barcode scanning reduce the manual workload in mail sorting?

It improves the process of checking and verifying automated routing system information. Allowing employees to quickly and easily scan and redirect mail if necessary reduces the time and effort spent manually doing the same task.

Is Scandit designed for easy integration with existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to current operations?

Yes. Our Enterprise-Level Success Team will partner with you all the way from evaluation to day-to-day operations – with trials, solution design, integration and customer success support included.

Can this improve customer satisfaction in mail delivery?

By providing reliable and efficient delivery services, along with accurate tracking information, giving workers the ability to scan S18 4-State barcodes can improve the overall customer experience and build trust in your mail services.