Now, more than ever, real-time data capture is essential for delivering safe and efficient patient care.

The pandemic has forced hospitals and healthcare organizations to re-examine the way they work and how to give nursing staff better access to information.

Scandit-powered smart devices can help. They can give healthcare providers a low-cost alternative to dedicated scanners at the same enterprise-grade performance. And this comes with the added flexibility and innovation possibilities that a mobile digital platform offers.

From processing patient IDs to damaged barcodes on medication packaging in poorly lit areas, smart device-based barcode scanning excels in the most demanding healthcare environments imaginable.

1. Quickly and accurately confirm patient identity

Using smart devices equipped with Scandit mobile barcode scanning, caregivers can quickly and easily identify patients – from the point of admission all the way to being discharged. With a simple scan of a patient’s wristband anywhere in the hospital, healthcare staff can access detailed information on an individual’s specific needs, ranging from medication to supportive care.

Using Scandit’s special augmented reality (AR) overlays, caregivers can instantly view patient information on the device screen after each scan, enabling a smoother, more reliable patient identification process. By mobilizing patient management and bringing greater transparency to patient ID workflows, healthcare organizations can develop superior patient service and safety.

Confirm Patient Identity

2. Enable safe medication administration

The right barcode scanning solution can make administering medication intuitive and accurate for healthcare providers. Mobile healthcare apps on smart devices can scan medication information into a record in seconds, fully digitizing medication administration workflows and improving patient safety in the process.

With Scandit AR functionality, medication administration apps can be even more effective by displaying essential medication information (such as expiration dates) with the tap of a finger, or patient-specific instructions, such as allergy information and dosage. This sophisticated – but simple to use – mobile scanning solution helps ensure each patient receives the highest-quality care.

Administer Medication

3. Accurately track medication and specimens

Mobile apps with high-performance barcode scanning can efficiently track and manage medication, sterile fluid collection bags and other essential items throughout a healthcare supply chain.

Equipping every member of your team with a barcode-scanning smart device gives healthcare staff easy and instant access to patient information from anywhere, right on the screen in their hand. And by using Scandit’s special MatrixScan option, workers can scan multiple barcodes in a single instance – for example, on specimens, blood bags or medication.

This mobile scanning approach to healthcare workflows creates a more efficient, error-free asset management system that ultimately contributes to better patient safety.

Track Medication and Specimens

4. Track and manage medical equipment

Along with tracking healthcare supplies like medication and blood bags, mobile scanning can be used to track and manage key medical equipment, ensuring that the right resources are made available exactly when and where they’re needed.

For example, surgical staff can use barcode scanning-enabled mobile devices to quickly and efficiently scan instruments etched with DPM codes before and after surgery.

Using familiar smart devices, this is a sophisticated but simple, user-friendly way to capture crucial data in real time, providing transparency and accuracy in the management of surgical equipment.

Track Medical Equipment

5. Help clinicians order medication and pharmaceutical products

Mobile scanning software solutions can be used by hospital clinicians to quickly reorder pharmaceutical products.

Using a mobile app, a technician scans a medication package to reorder prescribed items instantly, helping provide faster and more accurate patient care. And in situations where several items are being processed, Scandit’s MatrixScan saves even more time by scanning multiple barcodes at once.

Adding the Scandit AR-overlay feature will display detailed information about the item scanned, right on the device screen. Having this instant access to accurate, real-time data supports better decision-making regarding patient care and a more efficient reordering process overall.

Order Medication

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