Tackle Last Mile Operational Challenges Head-On

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Thriving in the Last Mile Now and in the Future

The last mile has experienced an undeniable shift in recent times, characterized by heightened e-commerce demands and the need to boost efficiencies. How can you rise to the challenge?

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This ebook explores the current trends impacting the last mile and the key performance indicators driving operational improvements. We highlight how transformative technology like smart data capture can help last mile enterprises tackle operational challenges head on to gain a competitive advantage.

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The Four KPIs for Addressing the Last Mile Operational Paradox

The e-commerce boom is stressing last mile businesses. Volume and cost pressures are increasing, while customer expectations continue to rise. Every delay and dissatisfied customer costs money and reputation.

At Scandit, we regularly engage with leaders of some of the world’s largest delivery companies. We’re seeing four main KPIs last mile delivery COOs are focused on to navigate this last mile operational paradox:

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yodel logo“Enabling couriers to use their own devices with our new app was a huge bonus – it allows them to get up to speed with the technology much quicker as they don’t require inductions for handheld terminals.”Mike Hancox, CEO at Yodel

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