In a vast and varied landscape of modern online threats, one peril lurks deceptively close for Q-commerce and last-mile businesses: fake IDs.

Fake IDs like driver’s licenses are no longer exclusive to criminal masterminds or James Bond. On campuses and streets across the US, they’ve woven their way into a common culture. In fact, according to this study, 32% of college students admit to possessing one.

This isn’t just youthful rebellion. These ‘documents’ are often produced overseas by criminal organizations.

It’s a ticking time bomb of fines for Q-commerce companies. And if a driver is duped into handing over an age-restricted product…

The worst-case scenario?

It could cost nationwide organizations millions in lost revenue.

The danger is clear. Yet, for many, it remains hidden in plain sight.

Lost revenue Fines

The corrosive problem of fake IDs for Q-commerce

The digital age has democratized information. However, it has increased accessibility to questionable products.

Statistics paint an alarming picture. Online alcohol sales are on an upward trajectory, with estimates pointing toward a $40bn market overall by 2026. But this surge isn’t just about numbers. Consumer behavior has also shifted – 44% of online shoppers only began purchasing alcohol online in 2020, a stark rise from 19% the year before.

Rapid shifts and easy access to fake credentials have led to a dangerous alignment. The digital age is continually revealing new vulnerabilities alongside multiple benefits.

How easy is it to get a fake ID?

The data doesn’t lie. When it comes to online search, there’s a worrying search trend.

The data below was taken from the search engine optimization tool Ahrefs. It shows the rise in the use of the search term ‘best fake id’ on Google in the US.

The graph above shows the steady uptake in searches for the term. The drop in 2020 may be partly due to the closure of bars and public gatherings during the pandemic.

2022 maintained a steady flow of interest in fake IDs, with numbers hovering around the 2,500-3,000 mark.

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The multi-faceted impact on Q-commerce and last mile businesses

The rise of fake IDs presents a unique challenge for businesses delivering age-restricted products like alcohol. Understanding these implications, from financial consequences to operational complexities, is crucial for sustained success.

A financial hit

Fake IDs hit the bottom line hard. For businesses, every false verification can lead to monetary losses. And it’s not just fines – in the case of liquor license suspension, companies will also lose substantial revenue.

Reputation risk

One bad headline or lawsuit can undo years of trust. Delivering to an underage individual with a fake ID isn’t just a transaction error; it’s brand damage. The ripple effect can be long-lasting and costly.

Operational challenges

Manual ID checks make for tedious work and eat into precious time for both the driver and the customer. They can also invite confrontations. Plus, the human eye isn’t infallible – mistakes happen, and mistakes can be expensive.

One example illustrating the consequences of this industry is when one of the biggest Q-commerce businesses lost its alcohol delivery license in the Boston area.

While compliance checks conducted in 2022 revealed that 96% of licensees authorized for direct-to-consumer sales accepted orders and payments from individuals as young as 15.

It can be just as hard to verify someone’s age – just like on an ID or driver’s license – by eye.

The solution: Innovations in ID verification

The rise of fake IDs demands advanced solutions. That’s where technology and smart data capture come in. Specifically, products like Scandit’s ID scanning software for smart devices are changing the ID verification landscape.

Introducing ID Validate

ID Validate is designed to seamlessly blend into time-pressured workflows. It enables employees to swiftly detect fake IDs without sacrificing efficiency or keeping the customer waiting. Currently it is only available in the US.

It fits in with Scandit’s other ID Verification technology, which captures and parses the information on a driver’s license.

Automated ID checking and validation like this is a game-changer. It ensures compliance, provides a clear audit trail, and amplifies efficiency. At its core, it empowers delivery drivers and employees, taking control of the need to check an ID visually.

Try the Demo ID Scanning

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A glimpse into the future

In an ever-evolving world, challenges like the proliferation of fake IDs will reshape the landscape of trust and compliance.

Plus, the likelihood is fake IDs will continue to evolve while there is demand for them. And it will get harder to pick them out without the right technology – technology that is able to keep ahead of the fakers.

ID Validate provides that extra layer of protection, giving regular employees the superpowers to detect fake IDs with a simple scan.

As we look to the future, staying informed and embracing tools like Scandit’s ID Validate technology can be our best way forward. That way, delivery companies can remain compliant while keeping the customer happy.

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