MatrixScan Count | Receiving and Inventory Counting

Scandit MatrixScan Count is a lightning-fast, intuitive and error-proof multiple barcode scanner. Simplify cycle counts, stock taking and inventory counting.

Imagine you could make counting workflows ten times faster – but not lose any accuracy, or even improve it?

It sounds unlikely, doesn’t it? We’re used to data capture in receiving, cycle count or inventory count processes involving a trade-off between accuracy and speed.

But the old rules don’t apply if you’re using smart data capture. This extraordinary speed-up is possible today with Scandit MatrixScan Count. It’s a new smart data capture solution for lightning-fast, intuitive and error-proof counting.

MatrixScan Count is an out-of-the-box scan and count software solution for receiving goods and inventory.

Frontline workers can scan and count multiple items simultaneously and with guaranteed accuracy. It runs on readily available Android or iOS smartphones or tablets.