Barcode Scanning. Evolved.

We provide the highest quality mobile barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

Why Scandit?


Our innovative software-based barcode scanner solutions provide unparalleled performance on Samsung devices.


Our solutions are designed for today’s enterprises. We provide outstanding support and are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands.


Smartphones, tablets and wearable tech have opened up new possibilities for B2C and B2E scanner apps that leverage trends such as BYOD.


Mobile Solutions for the Stores of the Future. Today.
Technology That Travels at the Speed of Tomorrow.
Mobile Tracking Solutions for Tomorrow’s Manufacturer.
Bullet-Proof Mobile Solutions for Government Operations.
Advancing Patient Care One Scan at a Time.
Advance Your Business Through the Power of Barcode Scanning.

See Scandit in Action

Whats new?

See Scandit in Action

Whats new?

Who’s Talking?

Brendan Gardner

Product Marketing Mgr, Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is pleased with how much better, faster, and easier order entry has become for its customers since the launch of the Scandit-powered Order Express app. Glowing customer testimonials are a testament to overall process improvement.

David Levitt

CIO Omni-Channel, Party City

…Scandit provides enterprise-grade performance at lower total cost of ownership than bulky, more expensive dedicated scanners. By mobilizing key workflows and deploying in-store mobile devices we’ve significantly improved the productivity and the value of our employees.

Ernst Kienzl

Team Leader CTL, SBB

Scandit Flow consolidated our tasks to a single device capable of all our track and trace needs. The mobile app is also easy to operate, making employee adoption quick and painless.