Air Travel Evolves with Mobile Data Capture

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Airport worker scans a boarding card using smart data capture to display flight information

Mobile data capture and computer vision technology are transforming a range of enterprise processes—including air travel. Today’s leading airlines are leveraging inexpensive consumer smart devices to streamline mobile check-ins, boarding pass checks, baggage management and other daily workflows. By embracing this new era of air travel innovation, your enterprise can optimize data capture efficiency, reduce operational costs, and connect passengers with smarter and smoother traveling experiences.

At Scandit, we empower enterprises and consumers to change the way they engage with everyday objects. Our advanced mobile data capture technology brings enterprise-grade scanning capabilities to smartphones, tablets and wearables, fast tracking air travel processes and enriching customer experiences in the process. Let’s take a moment to review how mobile data capture is redefining the world of air travel—and shaping it for future success.

Transforming Airline Operations, One Scan at a Time

Did you know that software-based smart device scanning solutions can reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) by up to 66% compared to dedicated scanning hardware? Air carriers can harness this cost-effective technology to optimize a wide range of operations workflows, including boarding pass acquisition, ID verification and baggage checks.

Here’s a breakdown of the major airline operations this technology enhances:

Baggage Tracking

Thanks to mobile data capture software, almost any smart device can be transformed into a high-performance airport baggage scanner. Our Barcode Scanner SDK brings robust barcode scanning capabilities to airline apps, making mobile baggage tracking effortless. Your team can use Scandit-powered apps to track and reroute bags using personal smart devices. The SDK also supports multi-barcode scanning through the optional MatrixScan feature—enabling airline employees to quickly read multiple bag codes in a single scan to find the correct items in seconds. Scandit-powered apps can even grant employees access to essential flight and baggage information via in-app augmented reality (AR) displays, driving more efficient and intuitive baggage tracking efforts.

ID and Boarding Pass Checks

Boarding pass checks play an essential role in identifying passengers and maintaining airline security. With the help of mobile data capture technology, any smart device can be augmented into a dependable boarding pass barcode reader. Your agents can utilize these cost-effective tools to check-in customers anywhere within the check-in area—and confirm passenger ID anywhere in the airport. Scandit-powered apps empower airport agents to reliability and easily scan boarding passes and passports, ensuring efficient tracking of flyers at all times.

Aircraft Maintenance

Mobile data capture tools can make tracking and managing aircraft parts simpler, too. With a Scandit-powered airline maintenance app, your airport operators can quickly and reliably identify and track the use of aircraft parts—fostering smart and safe maintenance operations. This solution also makes it easier for your enterprise to manage stock inventories and ensure economic operations.

Inventory Checks

Fast and accurate inventory checks are essential for any form of air travel. With mobile data capture-enabled smart devices, flight crews can effortlessly scan any inventory item via its barcode—guaranteeing correct provisions for each flight. Scandit’s multi-scanning solution (MatrixScan) makes this process even more efficient, enabling crews to process multiple inventory items with a single scan.

Mobile Data Capture Redefines the Flying Experience

Airline operations aren’t the only efforts that mobile data capture supports. This mobile airline tech also creates superior airline customer services by providing fast access to important flight information, streamlining passport scanning, and much more. Here’s a recap of how mobile data capture unlocks more enjoyable and stress-free flying journeys for passengers:

Passport Scanning

Deliver greater convenience for customers with passport self-scanning. With a mobile data capture-enabled app, your customers can scan their own passport using a personal smart device when checking in online. Not only does this solution reduce the risk of human error when inputting passport data, but it also alerts users when a passport is out of date—ensuring a smooth flying experience for all parties. Best of all, passport self-scanning dramatically speeds up the check-in process for flyers—reducing the frustration of long wait times at the check-in desk.

Real-Time Flight Info

Keeping track of gate assignments and other flight information is a major challenge—especially for inexperienced flyers. Thankfully, today’s mobile data capture apps can help with real-time updates on essential flight details. Your passengers can use this technology to access instant travel information on the fly—including gate assignments, flight schedules, qualifying travel vouchers and upgrades. Leverage this simple solution to guide flyers to the right destination from the second they enter the airport.

In-Flight Service

Today’s passengers expect highly personalized in-flight service. When equipped with a Scandit-powered mobile data capture app, your flight attendants can support the unique needs of each customer with on-demand flight connection information. Mobile data capture also gives flight staff the ability to quickly deliver mobile point of sale purchases and manage frequent flyer discounts—creating a world-class flying experience for each passenger.

Unlock Air Travel Innovation with Scandit

Fly High, One Mobile Scan at a TimeWant to learn more about how mobile data capture tools can help your enterprise improve customer experiences and redefine air travel? Then check out this free resource, Fly High, One Mobile Scan at a Time. In this whitepaper, we’ll show you how to harness mobile data capture technology to enable cost-effective digital transformation that excites employees and passengers alike. We’ll provide guidance on using inexpensive smart devices to limit operational costs, optimizing air travel processes through multi-scanning and AR technology, and improving passenger journeys through the latest mobile computer vision solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about Scandit and how our proprietary data capture solutions can advance your air travel enterprise, then be sure to contact us today. You can also reach out to us for more insights into how mobile airline tech is poised to evolve in coming years—and what your business can do to stay one step ahead.