Adopting BYOD in the Last Mile Infographic

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Adopting BYOD in the Last Mile Infographic

With rising costs and an unprecedented surge in demand in 2020, post, parcel and express enterprises are looking to smartphone scanning as a way to reduce fixed costs, boost productivity and offer ultimate business flexibility.

BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) and COPE (corporate-owned personally-enabled) strategies are highly cost-effective ways to quickly scale-up workforce numbers by using delivery apps with added value services such as parcel tracking software on personal smartphones, with little training needed.

Scanning with smartphones means last mile tasks like search & find, parcel tracking and proof of delivery can be completed with new speed and simplicity.

In this infographic, explore the key trends, features and business benefits behind the rise of a BYOD strategy as a way to use barcode scanning and augmented reality (AR) to drive down delivery time and costs.

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BYOD Bring Your Own Device Infographic

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