Under Pressure Delivery Firms Get Serious About BYOD Scalability and Cost Savings

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Under Pressure Delivery Firms Get Serious About BYOD Scalability and Cost Savings

By Courtland Howard, Transportation & Logistics Solutions Executive, Scandit

Over the last few years, delivery firms like NACEX and CDL Last Mile Solutions developed Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs to help reduce costs in the most expensive segment of the Post, Parcel and Express industry: The Last Mile.

For NACEX and CDL Last Mile Solutions, deploying a BYOD policy with Scandit scanning software enabled franchisees and delivery contractors to provide exceptional levels of service worthy of their brands – without expensive dedicated scanners. The benefits are immediate and dramatic, so much so that UK delivery giants Hermes UK and Yodel have also embarked on phased BYOD programs that over the next several years will deliver substantial cost savings at the same time as the volume of their business increases.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, experts in a BetaNews report predicted the BYOD market was set to reach a staggering $367 billion by 2022, up from just $30 billion in 2014. Since COVID-19 hit, many more people than previously predicted are having groceries and other essential items delivered directly to their homes to stay safe and adhere to social distancing restrictions for flattening the curve of the pandemic.

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Rapid scale-up or cost savings?  Both.

The BYOD policy once heralded as a shrewd cost-cutting measure is now considered a crucial element in helping Post, Parcel and Express firms cope with the huge spike in demand for home deliveries. In some instances, the demand for grocery delivery is up 150%, an unexpected surge that is forcing the industry to act and adapt fast. A BYOD policy enables delivery companies to rapidly equip new drivers with a mobile scanning app to perform essential last mile delivery tasks and handle the surge in demand.

A successful quick scale-up of a BYOD program adds capacity quickly, helping delivery firms to cope and customers to stay home. Being able to use a personal device rather than a shared company-owned scanner, also helps mitigate infection risk for drivers. This safeguarding of employees is obviously paramount at this time.

BYOD can save up to 70% on the total cost of ownership over the solution lifecycle.

And crucially, BYOD can be scaled to meet fluctuating demand so you aren’t left with a stock of unneeded hardware when delivery volumes change in the future.

BYOD Smartphone Scanning Gets Temporary Drivers on the Road Rapidly

With the Scandit barcode scanning software it’s easy to integrate high-performance scanning into delivery apps on everyday smart devices, so that new or temporary couriers and drivers can complete all the last mile delivery workflows on their own smartphones with no drop off in efficiency. Your drivers’ personal smart device becomes a high-performance scanner – Scandit works on over 20,000 device models, even lower-end devices,  so you can be assured that whatever smartphone is in their pocket will deliver quality scanning performance.

Scandit currently processes millions of scans every day for BYOD workers, across thousands of smart device types, bringing enterprise-grade data capture to mobile apps powering last mile delivery tasks.

Watch this video to see how it works  –

Support safer, contactless proof of delivery

We can also help improve staff and customer safety even more with a free-to-use, contactless proof of delivery web app which captures signatures on a recipient’s own device. When a delivery is made, customers can use their own smartphone to scan a QR code provided by the driver which opens the web app, then the customer simply scans the barcode on the package and signs on their device to confirm a delivery or pickup. The process is easy, with no need to download anything or log into an account. This short video shows how it works:

Extra Technical Support to Help Integrate Mobile Scanning at Speed

We’re offering expert technical support to help delivery businesses deploy the right smartphone scanning solution to urgently meet the current time critical demand. We’ve supported many successful BYOD deployments with best practice guidance. With no hardware investment needed, BYOD is a flexible solution that can be scaled to match demand after the immediate crisis has passed.

If you also wish to deploy company-owned smart devices, we can help determine the right devices for your scanning needs and support on configuration, migration and integration options. Get in touch with our team today.