Electronic Proof of Delivery: Enhanced Traceability and Streamlined Operations for the Enterprise

| Transportation & Logistics

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As customer expectations change and last-mile delivery options like overnight and same-day shipping quickly become the norm, logistics providers are seeking new ways to ensure real-time visibility into the supply chain. To get ahead, many enterprises are turning to cloud-based logistics solutions designed to capture real-time proof of delivery with mobile devices — enhancing traceability across the supply chain.

Enterprises of all shapes and sizes stand to benefit from enhanced traceability presented by electronic proof of delivery. However, very few are ahead of the curve. As drivers continue to rely on multiple devices and paper-based processes to capture proof of delivery, gaps in supply chain visibility occur, leaving logistics providers in the dark. By adopting electronic proof of delivery (POD) solutions logistics providers can streamline processes, enhance traceability and lower costs across their organization.

Streamline Delivery Processes

Many delivery drivers currently use multiple devices as a part of their workflow. This typically includes expensive dedicated hardware to support barcode scanning, signature capture, communication and GPS navigation. With electronic proof of delivery solutions, logistics providers can improve efficiency for an increasingly mobile workforce by enabling the use of a single smartphone or wearable device to keep track of driver pickups and deliveries. The intuitive mobile workflows fit seamlessly into existing delivery processes, eliminating paperwork, reducing errors and increasing productivity among the workforce.

Enhance Traceability for Key Stakeholders

Traditionally, traceability across stakeholders in the delivery process has been fragmented, inadequate or non-existent for many enterprises. These stakeholders include drivers, contractors and part-time employees. For many organizations, it is impractical to provide a dedicated data capture or navigation device for all of them. By leveraging a mobile proof of delivery solution that can be accessed via an employee’s personal or enterprise mobile device to complete all delivery tasks, enterprises can simplify workflows and enhance traceability in the delivery process.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

One of the main challenges facing IT leaders implementing new logistics solutions is total cost of ownership.  As more and more enterprises begin to embrace mobile technology, it’s important to keep TCO in mind. IT leaders can choose between a wide variety of device options on the market today, making it increasingly difficult to determine which ones will deliver the right performance at the price point that works with their spending budget. By choosing a smartphone or tablet-based solution instead of using dedicated barcode scanners, mobile computers or other peripherals, companies can drastically lower the total cost of ownership involved in supporting legacy hardware without sacrificing performance or efficiency.

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