Mobile Computer Vision Makes Air Travel Friendlier

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If you travel regularly using commercial airlines, you don’t need to be reminded of what a hassle it can be. Equipment problems, weather, and assorted other force majeure can make the flying experience uncomfortable and inconvenient. These factors are most often beyond our – or the air carriers’ – control. That said, the processes that the air carriers do control such as check-in, boarding pass acquisition, baggage check, seat assignment changes, ID verification, and payments for upcharges can be managed more efficiently. 

Mobile computer vision fans like us know all about smart device apps that elevate the in-store shopping experience, make sorting and delivering parcels much easier, and manage assets in industries like manufacturing and healthcare. The same principles that drive process optimization in these industries are also being applied to making customer-facing processes in commercial air travel more efficient.  

Scandit works with a US-based commercial air carrier that has taken its already award-winning customer service to the next level by putting Scandit mobile computer vision software into its tablet-based mobile app. Check-in desk and gate agents use the tablet-based app to get flyers quickly and painlessly from the departure concourse to their seat on the aircraft. This carrier has asked not to mention them by name, because they consider their Scandit-powered customer-facing processes as a principal contributor to their great customer service and see it as significant competitive advantage.

The barcode scanning-equipped mobile app enables the air carrier’s check-in and boarding gate agents to use iPad mini tablets to instantly scan a variety of customer documentation and perform critical customer-oriented processes such as flight check-in, bag fee transactions, seat changes, standby seat assignments, and passport, driver’s license and boarding pass verification.

In addition to barcode scanning, the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK brings Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality to the app, enabling the carrier’s customer service agents to perform this diverse set of workflows quickly and reliably.

This carrier’s principal goal is to always provide safe, reliable transportation for a reasonable price along with the caring, friendly and professional service they are known for. The functionality that the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK with OCR brings to their mobile app enables customer service agents to provide a hassle-free boarding process and manage all on-site customer service workflows. In addition, Scandit provides maintenance and development support to help the carrier’s staff provide the ongoing best-in-class service their customers expect.

Scandit’s mission is to help air carriers improve everyday customer interactions using mobile computer vision and camera-equipped mobile devices. By integrating the mobile data capture and OCR capabilities of our Barcode Scanner SDK with a customer service app, Scandit can help make any air carrier’s customer service even more dynamic and effective.

If you work for an air carrier that wants to make the process of checking into and boarding a flight as simple and stress-free as possible for both customers and agents, you should call or message Scandit and learn more about comprehensive mobile computer vision solutions that can align your enterprise for long-term success. You can also contact Scandit for more information on how to create or refine your customer-facing mobile app. Scandit would be happy to connect you with the resources your team needs to capitalize on mobile scanning technology.