Scandit Enables MAXIMA to Bring Smartphone Self-Scanning to Estonia

Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK powers the grocery retailer’s mobile shopping app

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Scandit Enables MAXIMA to Bring Smartphone Self-Scanning to Estonia

Zurich, Switzerland – June 17, 2020 Scandit, the leading technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) solutions for enterprises, today announced that grocery retailer MAXIMA has integrated Barcode Scanner SDK into its MAXIMA mobile app for customers in 84 stores in Estonia to do self-scanning shopping from their own smartphone.

MAXIMA is the largest grocery retailer in the Baltics, and now the first retailer in Estonia to offer smartphone self-scanning shopping. Scandit provides the barcode scanning engine for the app, which also offers the ability to pay by scanning a QR code at checkout, store e-receipts and have access to personalized promotions.

MAXIMA Estonia wanted to offer customers the ease of a mobile app rather than the usual dedicated handheld scanners. Then when COVID-19 hit, they accelerated the launch in order to provide a safer, contactless, way for customers to shop in their stores.

“We greatly appreciate the co-operation with Scandit, as they understood our desire to further develop our existing high-quality barcode scanning service into a mobile app, to fulfill  our customers’ expectations for fast, contactless and convenient shopping in MAXIMA stores,” said Edvinas Volkas, CEO of MAXIMA Estonia. “Thanks to this cooperation, we can proudly say that we are the first retail chain in the Baltics who offer customers a truly innovative shopping experience. Our mobile app scanning performance in terms of speed, accuracy and the ability to scan at any angle is unbeatable.”

“Self-scanning has gone from being a value-added service to a necessary contactless feature for customers,” said Samuel Mueller, CEO of Scandit. “MAXIMA Estonia brought forward their deployment as a way to safeguard customers and employees in the wake of COVID-19.”


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