Stock Checking by Smartphone Scanning (On-Screen Demos)

| Retail

scanning barcodes with iphone

Fashion retail has been turned upside down. E-commerce is now the main channel so retailers must track their stock – no matter where it is.

Staff need barcode scanners to do this – whether they are making inventory checks, fulfilling orders, or dealing with Click and Collect requests.

Barcode scanning smartphones are the best and most cost-efficient way to accomplish this at scale. But any barcode scanning smartphone must come with speed and accuracy.

To achieve this, you need the right SDK. Here we demonstrate how Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK performs – on a consumer device – in typical fashion store conditions.

Quick and easy scanning through a rack of clothes.

Customers go to the store’s website, and if the product is unavailable, they will go somewhere else.

Keeping track of inventory across the chain is crucial – that product may be available in a store. If so, a store assistant can fulfill the order.

Here we demonstrate how an iPhone SE with our SDK can quickly go through a rack of clothes, effortlessly scanning various barcodes.

Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK works across all retail barcodes, from UPC, EAN, to Datamatrix. Yours should be too.

Check inventory in the storeroom.

Typically a task like this might be handled by an assistant with a dedicated barcode scanner.

But these are not typical times. Nowadays, potentially every staff member needs a device. Here (again) an iPhone SE – using our technology – deals with the situation quickly and efficiently.

Neither of these videos has been edited in post-production – they have been taken straight from the device. The mobile case laid over the top is the only addition.

If you want to see more examples of Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK in action, we have shot a similar version in a grocery store. Here it deals with barcodes that are damaged, warped, or have glare.

We can match any scenario that might come up in your store.

Easy to implement and add to your app

With Scandit, it is simple to implement barcode scanning on your application. And in the unlikely event there are any issues, our best-of-class support is on hand to assist you.

But any app needs to fit in with the existing systems, especially when you are focusing on tasks like managing stock and inventory levels.

Our scanning solution easily integrates with legacy systems and infrastructure. Meaning there is no need to worry if you cannot modify your app.

Don’t take our word for it – test our barcode scanner yourself

With Scandit, you can quickly introduce barcode scanning into your application. Better still, it also works on over 20,000 different device models.

So you can choose a corporate-owned or bring-your-own-device strategy.

Like to test it out for yourself? Then have one on us – go here and download a test SDK.

Or contact us to find out more about how we can help you keep store inventory and operations up to date by bringing smartphone scanning to your store.