Track, Trace and Reorder in Seconds with Pega and Scandit

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Track, Trace and Reorder in Seconds with Pega and Scandit

Industries by their very nature are different. Businesses that operate within them more so.

But often, aside from points of differentiation – be it the product or service offering, brand values or approach to environmental, social and governance – the processes that run them are usually quite similar.

For example, many rely on stock management or asset tracking to keep the business moving and remain compliant. It’s the efficiency of these processes however that sorts the wheat from the chaff in the competitive world.

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In our previous blog, we discussed why agility and intelligence are essential in the armory of business change and, particularly, how the combination of Pega’s low-code platform and Scandit Smart Data Capture is driving this change.

In this, the final in our series of three blogs, we look more specifically at the business scenarios that can benefit from the joint solution.

The need for greater agility comes in many different guises

Agility in any industry comes from the effective automation of processes that connect workflows intelligently to drive enterprise-wide value.

This may relate to the need for increased speed of operations, thereby increasing productivity or making tasks less mundane for employees. Equally it may relate to the need for improving the accuracy of decision-making or more critically to be able to track assets at any stage in the value chain.

To be truly game-changing, an automation solution needs to do it all.

Pega’s low-code platform for AI-powered decision-making and workflow automation enables organizations to reduce complexity, make better decisions and get work done.

While the Scandit Smart Data Capture Platform automates the scanning and data capture of barcodes, text, IDs and objects on smart devices (smartphones, drones, digital eyewear and robots) with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence.

The combined solution is addressing different scenarios in all walks of business.

Ensuring quality management of production processes

When manufacturers rely on manual quality management processes, regardless of how well-defined they are, precious production time is eaten up and the business risks human error.

Imagine then if you had applications on intuitive smart devices, one for automating quality inspection responsibilities and another for assembly line workers to scan, identify and report issues. Both able to manage notifications to external suppliers as well as internal quality engineering.

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Tracking people across journeys and products across their whole lifecycle

Anything can be tracked with Pega and Scandit’s joint solution. Criminal evidence through the justice system can be secured this way, air travel baggage can be tracked, passengers boarding flights can be verified, medical devices can be traced, and patients can be tracked via their wristband through hospital’s departments.

Air Travel Luggage Scanning

There are many reasons why having a reliable and accurate tracking solution makes sound business sense.

  • Compliance is needed in all types of situations to ensure a business adheres to relevant laws, regulations and guidelines. Being able to track items accurately is particularly important for matters relating to medical compliance or safety compliance.
  • Traceability is essential for counteracting the financial and health cost of counterfeit goods which could reach $2.3 trillion in 2022 according to the International Chamber of Commerce. High fashion retail is particularly vulnerable to counterfeiting on a global scale, so enabling the accurate tracking of goods is essential.
  • Sustainability is becoming more and more important to manufacturing, industrial and tech businesses as non-renewable materials grow scarcer. Excesses of the past are being acted upon to irrevocably change the course of the future. Using a reliable solution to track non-renewable materials and parts throughout their lifecycle can help to maintain quality assurance and offer providence to users when those materials are reused in remanufacturing.
  • Product defect identification is essential in any manufacturing process. Not only does it avert production line failures but more crucially it prevents sub-standard products from entering the market and avoids potential costly and safety-related product recalls. Food recalls alone cost an average of $10 million in direct costs alone according to the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association in the US.

Consumer-grade smart device apps created on the low-code Pega Platform™ enabled with Scandit high performance smart data capture gives workers a powerful, familiar handheld tool to keep track of business assets (e.g., parts and equipment at any point on the value chain). It gives reassurance to users that materials are accounted for, that their lifecycle is traceable, condition is detailed, and compliance is assured in their re-use.

Sharpening up inventory management

Stock losses or lack of availability cost money across all industries. In retail for example global employee theft alone is predicted to cost retailers $2.9 trillion annually. That doesn’t account for other losses due to shoplifting or return frauds.

Stock Checking Inventory

Automating shipping and receiving workflows from goods in, whether in a manufacturing plant, retail store, distribution dept or hospital, is dramatically improved with smart device apps created on the Pega Platform™ and enabled with Scandit’s top performance.

Finding stock, parcels or parts is also essential to keep shops replenished, deliveries on time and just-in-time manufacturing.

Scandit MatrixScan makes easy work of finding anything. Coupled with the Pega Platform™ it identifies the correct stock, customer order, parcel or part in seconds from many.

Also giving workers the ability to immediately reorder parts or stock before they run out on the line side or in store, increases efficiencies and productivity, whatever the industry.

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See what intelligent agility with Pega and Scandit could do for you

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