Unlock The Power of ID Scanning on Web or Mobile Apps

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Unlock The Power of ID Scanning on Web or Mobile Apps

From doorsteps to airports, supermarket counters to bars, ID verification is part of everyday life. What’s less widespread is an easy way to streamline and speed up the ID scanning process. With customer experience, convenience and compliance never more crucial, it’s time to change that.

Integrating ID scanning into native mobile or web browser apps offers a significant improvement over manual ID verification, which can be slow and complicated. Checking paperwork is time-consuming, while manual inputting of data slows the process and is prone to human errors.

Scandit Passport scanning

By pairing Scandit Smart Data Capture with mobile apps and websites, it’s easy to equip any employee or customer with a robust automated option for fast, error-free ID scanning. It gives businesses superpowers to verify identities with unmatched speed, accuracy and intelligence.

Here we explore the various ways Scandit ID scanning can be seamlessly integrated into existing business mobile apps, websites, and workflows to make them more efficient, safe, and reliable.

The time-saving and compliance benefits of ID scanning and data capture

The global boom in e-commerce activity may have led to fewer face-to-face interactions, but there is still a need to verify the identity of people for a host of reasons. One of the main challenges these days is for contact-free deliveries on a scale never imagined before the global pandemic. 

This is particularly true for age-restricted controlled goods, including alcoholic beverages, which is why delivery businesses are increasingly relying on secure mobile ID scanning software for age verification.

When integrated into a smartphone via a native or web app, ID scanning allows employees to quickly check and verify identity documents. Data from documents like a passport or driving license is scanned into a digital format that can then be tracked, validated, or queried. By default, the ID data is not stored on the device to ensure compliance with data protection regulations. 

A smartphone enabled with smart data capture software gives anybody needing to check a person’s identity instant access to a handy mobile ID verification tool. And because the interaction is faster and entirely contactless, it improves the overall customer experience. 

Accurate and secure ID verification, no matter what is being scanned

ID scanning software needs to be able to scan and capture data from a wide range of ID documents, including:

  • Passports, ID cards, and visa stickers using the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) data
  • US and Canadian driving licenses, US Military IDs and some ID Cards using PDF417 barcode data  
  • A wide range of other ID cards and driver licenses using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the text on the front of the card. For example, driving licenses in the EU, UK, US, and many other ID cards 

With Scandit, businesses can efficiently combine different capabilities, such as barcode scanning and OCR, into a single process on a single smart device to suit specific workflows.  

Efficient ID scanning wherever and whenever

Automating ID scanning has many applications across different industries, from air travel and retail to post, parcel, and logistics businesses. Here are some of the ways where it is used to streamline and speed up the ID verification process.

Passport scans and check-ins

Scanning passenger ID is vital for maintaining security in air, rail, and coach travel.

Passport and boarding pass checks are faster where employees equipped with mobile device ID scanning can patrol lines. Passengers can also scan their passports for online self check-in at home and for inputting advanced passenger information before arrival at a terminal.

Mobile apps powered with ID Scanning software recognize and process many different forms of passenger ID, including passports and driver’s licenses, just like fixed position scanners, but at a much smaller cost and greater flexibility.

Proof of ID for delivery

Successfully delivering age-restricted goods, such as alcohol or prescriptions, relies on the recipient being able to verify their age and identity.

Native or web apps with Scandit ID scanning enable post, parcel, and express companies to easily authenticate and verify the recipient’s ID.

A delivery driver can quickly scan an ID card, passport, or other documentation to instantly receive the notification that a delivery is either authorized or declined.

Security is enhanced too since the check does not rely on manual or visual verification. Using this process creates a clear audit trail and ensures delivery drivers are compliant in requesting proof of age or identity, helping businesses avoid any legal or financial penalties for illegal or wrongful delivery.

Age verification

Outlets supplying age-limited products or services can use ID scanning for age verification.

Bars and restaurants can verify the age of their customers at the point of order before selling alcohol. Night clubs and other age-restricted hospitality venues can quickly and accurately check ID on the door.

Employee onboarding

Mobile ID scanning can collate proof of ID simply by scanning a driving license or other identity documents to speed up employee onboarding. Personal information is instantly processed and validated, for example, their registered driver status. 

Onboarding is faster for those businesses that recruit large numbers of temporary or seasonal workers.

Companies employing distribution center workers, delivery drivers, accommodation hosts, and taxi drivers can speed up the process of collecting identity documents, allowing them to effortlessly scale their workforce.

Customer registration and loyalty

Retail stores and outlets can use ID scanning in their native or web apps to smooth customer registration.

Scandit passport scanning

With a quick scan of an ID document, the process of accurately logging a customer’s details is simple and reliable.

Aside from registering new customers, the same smartphone apps can be used to scan loyalty cards, enhancing both customer engagement and loyalty.

Integration is simple for native and web apps

Scandit Smart Data Capture turns virtually any camera-equipped computer or smart device into a powerful ID scanner. It’s quick and simple to integrate into any native app with Scandit Barcode Scanner or web app with Scandit Web SDK.

Eliminating manual data entry improves compliance, helps employees to do their jobs more efficiently, and encourages customers to engage with a business. Watch how Scandit ID Scanning speeds up and automates processes.

Performance accuracy and speed is unmatched even when scanning in challenging situations, including poor lighting, long distances and through glass.

Across retail, travel, transport and logistics, and hospitality, Scandit ID scanning makes processing identity documents and completing crucial workflows more efficient than ever before.

To learn more about integrating Scandit ID scanning into your apps, websites and workflows, check out our product page or contact us to start a conversation about your ID verification needs.