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Scandit Contactless Proof of Delivery Web App Helps with Social Distancing for Customers and Delivery Drivers

Scandit has developed this web app in direct response to COVID-19 and the urgent need to find a solution for contactless proof of delivery. It enables your customers to continue to sign and confirm receipt of grocery goods and parcels by using their own devices, simply and safely. The web app is available now for immediate deployment. The benefits include:

  • Customers don’t need to touch a delivery driver’s device to sign for a delivery or pick-up.
  • They simply scan a QR code, open the web app with the proof of delivery functionality, scan their package and sign on their own device to confirm delivery.
  • Proof of delivery is maintained to track the receipt of grocery deliveries or parcels and to minimize losses.
  • The web app is ready to get and go.
  • Integration with existing proof of delivery workflows is simple.
  • The web app, using Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web, works in the browser of any device – recipients don’t need to download anything.
Contactless Delivery with Scandit's Web SDK

Steps to Deploy Quickly:

  • Get the reference implementation from GitHub and follow the instructions to deploy.
  • Customize the Reference Implementation which includes Scandit’s Web SDK browser-based barcode scanning and signature capture (i.e. add a company logo and integrate output into your own processes).
  • Contact us for a production licence key to deploy Contactless Proof of Delivery.

Where more specific customization is required, deploy quickly with the help of our expert team.

Our solution consultants and technical team will work with your IT teams to integrate the Contactless Proof of Delivery Web App with existing proof of delivery workflows.

If you have any questions or want to customize the Web App, please contact support here.

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