Smartphone Scanning for the Retail Supply Chain

Unlock efficiency gains across retail supply chains with flexible, scalable and cost effective scanning-enabled smartphones

A Flexible, Affordable and Efficient Solution

Retail operations have been upturned by the Covid-19 pandemic. Staff numbers, stock levels, and order fulfillment have all been affected.

A barcode scanning-enabled smartphone can help by making even the most-inexperienced employee more productive and effective.

Empower Staff with Smartphone Scanning

Potentially every store employee with a scanning-enabled smartphone can monitor stock levels, both front and back of store.

Scandit’s enterprise-grade software turns any smart camera-enabled device into a reliable high-performance barcode scanning tool.

This means each staff member can perform a variety of tasks, including order picking, stock management, and efficient order collection and delivery.

Turning the Smartphone into an Indispensable Tool

There are numerous areas where Scandit-enabled smartphone scanning can empower your staff. These include:

  • Constant stock management
  • Quick and easy order picking
  • Contactless order collection or delivery

A smartphone scanning solution can be easily ramped up or down depending on your staffing requirements and demand fluctuations.

Scandit’s high-performance software solution puts an indispensable retail tool in potentially all employee’s hands.

You can even choose between allowing staff to use their own phones or a corporate-owned model. Each one is more cost-efficient than bringing in handheld scanners and safer than sharing them.

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Why Scandit is the Right Solution for You

Optimize Retail Operations with Mobile Computer Vision

See for yourself what we and our customers have learned about successfully deploying smartphone scanning for retail staff.

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