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Smart device-based scanning apps are your best co-pilot in the race to reduce costs, meet growing demand, and drive productivity in the last mile.

Drive speed, accuracy and efficiency in the last mile delivery process.

Technology and innovation play a huge role in the last mile, and we know it can be difficult to evaluate if your company is ready for change. Seamlessly integrate Scandit’s advanced barcode scanning and mobile data capture technology into apps on smart devices to affordably connect enterprises and customers with packages, creating a seamless logistics network during every step of the last mile journey.

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Scandit integration into MobileTek was the game-changer for us. Before that level of functionality and speed was available to us, we could not be confident that our mobile driver applications would ever pay the dividends that they are paying now. The speed and ease are truly amazing.

Adam F. Autera

IT/Operations, CDL Last Mile Solutions