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Smart device-based scanning apps are your best co-pilot in the race to reduce costs, meet growing demand, and drive productivity in the last mile.

Drive Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency in the Last Mile Delivery Process

Technology and innovation play a huge role in the last mile, and we know it can be difficult to evaluate if your company is ready for change. Seamlessly integrate Scandit’s advanced barcode scanning and mobile data capture technology into apps on smart devices to affordably connect enterprises and customers with packages, creating a seamless logistics network during every step of the last mile journey.

The Speed of Shipping Hinges on Process Efficiency

Operations managers who see beyond the day-to-day issues and focus on the longer-term goals of driving efficiency and meeting complex shipper requirements will gain the competitive advantage.

It’s never been more important to address issues such as scaling at peak, scheduling labor predictably and conquering the last mile.

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Add Speed and Simplicity to Delivery Operations

The critical Last Mile, where the e-commerce supply chain touches the end customer, needs joined-up operations from the distribution center to the point of delivery. Find out how Scandit can help provide real-time control of delivery operations and introduce more speed and simplicity.

boxes with highlighted barcodes

Identifying Special Packages

With a quick scan from a Scandit-enabled smart device, packages which are high-value or time-sensitive can be identified and if necessary redirected. The augmented reality (AR) feedback also shows special delivery instructions in real-time.

zipcodes from product barcodes


Using MatrixScan AR to load parcels is a big time-saver. Drivers simply hover the smart device over the packages to scan multiple barcodes at once and view augmented reality (AR) feedback about where in the delivery schedule each package comes. With the parcels loaded in the best order for the route, valuable time is saved at every stop.

Driver search and find

Driver Search & Find

Drivers can easily identify a single parcel in their vans using the powerful MatrixScan AR feature. By hovering the smart device over a batch of packages, multiple barcodes are scanned at once and real-time information is fed back to the device screen. This could be customer details, real-time delivery information or the next items due for delivery.

delivery exception

Parcel Status Check

Delivery drivers may need to check all special requirements have been met immediately before making a delivery. For example, pharmaceutical items have strict requirements about temperature and time of delivery. With a Scandit-powered smart device, this can be done with a quick scan to view the special information.

remote pickup last mile augmented reality barcode scanning


Third-party parcel pickup locations no longer need dedicated scanning hardware. Partners can use the delivery company’s mobile app on their own smart device. When loaded with Scandit barcode scanning and augmented reality (AR) overlays, partners use the app to receive, search and find, and perform proof of delivery when a customer picks up a parcel.

proof of delivery last mile

Proof of Delivery

Using a smartphone to scan barcodes, record an electronic signature, verify ID, or take a photo, is much easier than carrying a bulky dedicated scanner around. The cumulative time savings will be evident in reduced costs as well as the significant cost savings on hardware.

Try it Out

Head to your app store to download and try out our demo apps for free. You’ll see how Scandit’s award-winning technology comes to life and converts your everyday smartphone or tablet into a fast and high-performing barcode scanner.

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Fuel Your Delivery Ecosystem

Learn about the opportunities to enhance your organization throughout all phases of the delivery process.

CDL logo“Scandit integration into MobileTek was the game-changer for us. Before that level of functionality and speed was available to us, we could not be confident that our mobile driver applications would ever pay the dividends that they are paying now. The speed and ease are truly amazing.”Adam F. Autera, IT/Operations, CDL Last Mile Solutions

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