Meet the Scandit Case.

Turn your smartphone into a rugged, versatile and affordable enterprise-grade barcode scanner.

Scandit supports iPod Touch 5/6, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8.

Dedicated Scanner Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

  • Scan performance equal to dedicated devices
  • Dramatically lower total cost of ownership
  • No breakable electronic components
  • Leverage all other smartphone features

Scandit Case Benefits

  • Just align visual cue with barcode to scan
  • Natural scan position allows for faster and more efficient scanning
  • Illuminates barcode in dark settings
  • Scan triggered with tactile external button – even wearing gloves
  • Operates with no additional smartphone battery drain

Scandit Case Matches Scan Performance of a Traditional Sled

The Scandit Case replicates the scanning experience of a dedicated barcode scanner, mobile computer or sled, at a fraction of the cost. Scandit’s innovative design offers a small and lightweight form factor and protects the device during everyday activities without compromising ergonomics. The Scandit Case contains no electrical components and leverages the built-in camera on the device to scan barcodes with unprecedented ease.


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