Meet the Scandit Case.

Turn your smartphone into a rugged, versatile and affordable enterprise-grade barcode scanner.

Scandit supports iPod Touch 5/6, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7.

The Ergonomics of a Dedicated Barcode Scanner at a Fraction of the Cost

Superior scan performance

No electronic parts result in fewer points of failure

Protects device from drops

Lower total costs of ownership


Scandit Case Matches Scan Performance of a Traditional Sled

The Scandit Case replicates the scanning experience of a dedicated barcode scanners, mobile computer or sled, at a fraction of the cost. Our innovative patent pending design protects the device during everyday activities in a small and lightweight form factor, without compromising on ergonomics. Designed without the need for additional electrical components, the Scandit Case leverages the built-in camera on the device to scan barcodes with unprecedented ease-of-use.

Try the Scandit Case

Put this affordable, ergonomically friendly design to work in your enterprise. Contact a Scandit Solutions Consultant and arrange to evaluate the Scandit Case without charge or obligation. Once you have the Scandit Case scanning barcodes on your organization, you won’t want to give it up!


Product Features and Benefits

Fast and Accurate Enterprise-Grade Barcode Scanning

Point-to-Scan Functionality

LED Aimer

Barcode Illumination

Lifetime-extending Plastic Shell

No Electrical Components

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Scandit Software Compatability

Push-to-Scan Button

Ergonomically-friendly Form Factor

Evaluate the Scandit Case Without Risk or Obligation

Top Brands Trust Scandit