Scandit Flow. Platform Features.

Rapidly build and deploy data capture apps with the Flow Platform.

The Fast, Flexible, Future-Proof Alternative for All Your Barcode Scanning Workflows

Scandit Flow is a web-configurable app for iOS and Android that supports a wide variety of common barcode scanning workflows. Its patented barcode scanning technology provides high performance, speed and accuracy in a variety of adverse scanning conditions. Get going quickly using our out-of-the-box workflows or write JavaScript to enable custom workflows and integrations with existing IT systems––all leveraging our back-end cloud services.

Agile Application Lifecycle

Get apps out to your users faster.


Develop locally using our development tools, and see your changes automatically refreshed on the device.


Once you’re ready, deploy your updates directly for testing, or to all employees.


Activities and data are always kept up-to-date between all devices and the Scandit Cloud.

Keep your Data Secured

User and Device Management

(optional) Easily control user access to devices and administration controls through our dashboard, or integrate your own UAC system.

Offline Capable

Scandit Flow supports deferred or synchronous requests. Easily queue calls to third party services when the network is not available without blocking the user experience.

Point-to-Point Encryption

All transmissions between the mobile app, our cloud and your backend systems are always encrypted to ensure your data can’t be intercepted.

Client Certificates

Scandit Flow supports client certificates for enterprise firewall authentication.

Remote Wipe

Data is securely wiped when devices are deactivated via the Flow dashboard (in case of device loss, employee departure etc.)

Local Data Encryption

(optional) Encrypt your local data to stay protected even when a remote wipe is not possible due to interrupted internet connectivity.

Integrate All Your Systems When Going Mobile

Backend Connectors

REST & SOAP APIs: Access third party services via REST & SOAP connectors

Email / SMTP: Send reports and export data via e-mail from your custom workflow

Google Drive: Integrate Google Drive to import or export data

Async FTP: Write and read files from ftp servers.

Enterprise Connectors

Scandit Flow is compatible with enterprise backend systems and can be integrated with SAP, SAP hybris, Salesforce, Netsuite and many more.

API Access

All data in the Flow Cloud is accessible through a public API. Write your own back-office web apps accessing data stored in the Flow Cloud.

HTML5 and Javascript

Develop hybrid enterprise apps with HTML5 and Javascript. Leverage common frameworks such as Ionic, Angular or reactJS to provide native-like user experiences. Scandit Flow is also compatible with Phonegap and Cordova.

Authentication Providers

Scandit Flow integrates with all common third party authentication providers, including Active Directory, Google Apps and Salesforce. Supported standards include SAML, OAuth2, OpenID Connect and WS Federation.

Development Tools Optimized for Mobile Data Capture

Image and Document Capture

Use our high-level API for accessing the device camera, with optional cloud storage for captured images.

Offline Database

Use our database in your app and have all your data automatically synced over your devices and to the Scandit Cloud.

Signature Capture

Allow users to sign with their screen or a stylus. Optional cloud storage available for captured signatures.

Native Maps

Display native Google Maps, making sure nobody gets lost even when there isn’t any reception.

Automatic Database Synchronization

Scandit Flow provides a distributed document-oriented database, automatically synced between all devices and the Scandit cloud. Data is always available and fast with or without a network connection. Having local data enables fast, consistent data reads, writes and queries. Changes are automatically reflected on all devices. Optional encryption of local data available.


Gain insights into your business with our integrated analytics and build your own reporting dashboards with our synchronized database API.

Scheduled Cloud Jobs

Run regular tasks in the Scandit Cloud. Generate reports, run analytics or run batch synchronization jobs to and from your backend.

Barcode Scanning

Scandit’s patented scanning technology provides high performance speed and accuracy in a variety of challenging conditions.

Flow Developer Tools

Develop activities on your local machine with the tools you prefer. Manage your development via a graphical user interface (GUI): interact with the GIT repository, make changes to the code base, and test your activity by pairing devices with your computer and the Flow Desktop App. Manage your development via a terminal tool and test your activity by pairing devices with your computer with the Flow CLI Tool.

Flow Mobile Apps

The Flow Mobile Apps are your secure app container. All activities you develop are deployed to your users through the mobile app and are synchronized automatically. You can either use the public Scandit Flow Mobile App, or generate and distribute your own app container via Cloud Build.

Flow Dashboard

The Flow dashboard is your management console. Configure your workflows and access your data, setup user management or integration to external systems, all from within the Flow dashboard.

Need Help?

If you need assistance at any time during your testing please do not hesitate to contact us.