Supply chains are evolving, with retail, 1PL, and 3PL businesses switching to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to perform better across KPIs like demand forecasting, order management and supply planning.

However, these machine-learning algorithms demand comprehensive and accurate data to exploit their full potential.

So real-time supply chain visibility is crucial for retail, 1PL, or 3PL. Even the best AI will falter without accurate tracking data. In this guide, we demonstrate Scandit Smart Data Capture gives you the equivalent of more eyes on the ground by leveraging your existing hardware and our advanced capabilities.

Allowing warehouse employees to capture data easily with hassle-free solutions that can be implemented and impactful in no time.

Fast-track your way to supply chain visibility with Scandit.

Here’s how to work smarter, not harder

Scandit provides technology to enable smoother supply chain workflows. The video below shows an example of a ‘smart’ versus an ‘old’ data capture method, in this case in a receiving workflow

The smart way transforms this everyday workflow by deploying Scandit Smart Data Capture’s advanced multi-scanning and augmented reality (AR) capabilities to existing camera-enabled smart devices.

Receiving involves scanning multiple barcodes on the pallet. Single scanning or manual processes can lead to mistakes and false data. Here, we show the same device, two methods, one winner.

Rather than using the handheld computer device’s laser scanner to scan one at a time, with Scandit MatrixScan Count, the whole pallet and box labels are scanned simultaneously. This accelerates the process and ensures every barcode is captured. Moreover, there is intuitive real-time feedback for users via AR guidance.

Supply chain workers need superior data capture tech

  • Why it is important to give employees the right tools.
  • Bad and ineffective data capture is a problem.
  • The warehouse environment can be challenging.

Efficient data capture technology is crucial for supply chain employees. Especially if they are working in challenging environments like warehouses or retail back-of-house.

As shown in the receiving use case, the right tech can turn a tedious task into smarter workflows, while delivering critical data into the supply chain systems and algorithms that depend on them.

Paper-based systems and manual entries lead to incorrect inputs and missed scans. Errors like these cost time, money, and frustrate staff.


Challenges capturing data in a warehouse

A warehouse can be a tough place for both workers and technology, especially if you have a lot of items.

Many workers struggle to fulfill tedious scanning tasks for goods tracking. Processes like receiving, inventory checking, or staging orders are repetitive and mentally taxing if done continually.

Warehouses can be a challenging working environment. Items may be packed tightly over long distances, especially when in high-bay warehouses. Typical scanning hardware can struggle in these conditions.

Scanning barcodes in low light or at awkward angles may require the user to twist uncomfortably to make it work.

Single scanning with tough or damaged codes can lead to false positives or missed items, especially with a point and press laser scanner. Every error like this disrupts the supply chain, creating more work or waste down the line.

A solution for supply chain visibility

Scandit Smart Data Capture helps solve these problems with innovative yet accessible software-based scanning.

It enables any device with a camera to scan quickly and reliably in any conditions. This means better data and smoother supply chains. Plus, employees can work faster and with more confidence empowered by advanced capabilities, focusing on the task and not fighting conditions or manual processes.

This maximizes staff potential and ensures that the right data is collected at every stage of the supply chain process.

Watch some typical supply chain processes completed the old way versus the smart way with Scandit.

Picking with MatrixScan Count

Employees need to quickly scan through the warehouse shelves when picking. They typically do this by scanning one package at a time. Or worse – they have to identify the right item by eye.

With MatrixScan Count, the worker with the same device can scan multiple boxes on warehouse shelves at once. It then provides an AR overlay highlighting what items need to be shipped.

Cross-docking - scan the correct barcode every time

Cross-docking today typically involves scanning one item at a time and placing it on the right pallet. It’s time-consuming and can lead to errors if there’s a lot to do.

Scandit has a smarter way, powered by AR-guidance. Instead, simply point the device at the boxes and the right ones are picked out and highlighted on-screen.

Unloading - dealing with complex barcodes

A label can contain more than one barcode. In this case, the worker needs to obscure the wrong ones with their hand – or precisely aim to ensure they scan the correct one.

With Scandit, the relevant barcode type(s) can be set for each process and selected automatically. Workers scan all the barcodes simultaneously, storing the relevant ones for further data processing.

They don’t have to worry about capturing the correct barcode(s) on a complex label.

Why this should be done now - without disrupting IT ecosystems

  • Supply chains rely on existing ecosystems where changes must be carefully managed.
  • Scandit’s low-code technology can be easily added to a workflow or app and work on any device.
  • Scandit Express is a downloadable app with multi-scanning and AR capabilities.

The supply chain never stops. Warehouses send products worldwide every minute.

It is a challenge to test new technology without slowing everything down or causing an expensive mistake.

Scandit makes implementation easy and minimizes testing. Our low-code technology, like MatrixScan Find or MatrixScan Count, works on your existing hardware, whether it’s dedicated scanning devices or smartphones.

So whatever devices you use, you can leverage Scandit’s superior data capture capabilities.

Both come with a pre-built and extensively tested UI, designed by data capture experts. It can be added to an app in minutes.

Scandit Express changes the game when time, development resources or legacy systems are challenging.

It’s an app anyone can download. So there’s no testing or complex integration. You start it, and it sends data straight to your system – either via a CSV or directly on a system level.

Using Scandit means no fuss for IT and minimizes disruption for ongoing operations. It lets companies focus on shipping, not on technical development.

Giving staff the technology to easily capture data

  • Empower staff to be better at data capture in the warehouse without making them work harder.
  • Doing this with minimal upheaval to IT is crucial.
  • Scandit Smart Data Capture technology can scan multiple barcodes at once and add intelligence to transform workflows.

Empowering staff is vital. The goal is better data capture and use of that data.

Not adding to their workload.

Scandit offers a solution: smart data capture technology that understands the warehouse environment. Scandit MatrixScan product suite’s ability to read multiple barcodes simultaneously and relay real-time information about them on-screen reduces staff effort on various workflows, while capturing more data, more reliably.

It easily fits into existing applications and device fleets. All with little technical development and testing.

Don’t have time for even that? We have you covered with the no-code Scandit Express app.

We give employees the tools to work smarter, not harder. Implementing Scandit is a win for warehouse supply chain visibility.

Want to know more? Contact us, and we’ll show you how to easily increase visibility in your supply chain operations.