A Guide to Field Service Digital Optimization

Using Scandit Smart Data Capture to Re-engineer Field Service Workflows

Power Field Operations with Smart Scanning on Smart Devices

Field technicians are often your only physical point of contact with customers. Empower them with enterprise-grade data capture to track and commission assets with speed and accuracy.

About this Ebook

Discover how field service businesses can optimize processes in the depot, on the road, and on site – all from one multi-functional device. Explore specific examples of how smart data capture technology on smart devices helps re-engineer workflows to improve first-time fix rates.

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yodel logo“Scandit’s MatrixScan smart data capture solution in the app, enhances our commissioning workflow, making discovering and claiming of devices for monitoring seamless, fast and effective. Our technicians and installers are incredibly excited about using the SunPower Pro Connect app, as it simplifies the installation process and lets them complete their work faster and more accurately.”Rex Liu, Director of Product Management, SunPower

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