Have you ever been asked, in a social situation, what job you do? But, as you smilingly described your supply chain role, you actually thought something like:

If you don’t, some of your team members undoubtedly do.

Counting, finding, and scanning can be tedious for many supply chain employees. Especially when you – or your other team members in warehouse, technical, or distribution operations – don’t have the right tools.

Enter Scandit Express. It is a game-changer. Enabling a supply chain or last mile delivery employee’s device to take on tedious and repetitive tasks.

Read on to discover how it can transform inventory management, staging, and receiving workflows. And the best part? It’s just one quick download away.

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What is Scandit Express?

Scandit Express is an advanced scanning application ideal for the many tasks that make up supply chain operations.

It can be instantly downloaded onto any device with a camera to transform into a barcode scanner. It consists of a smart keyboard wedge that allows you to scan directly into any input field.

For example, it enables employees to accurately scan barcodes directly into a spreadsheet. It also has an augmented reality overlay that stops them from accidentally scanning unwanted codes.

Stop typing and start scanning - Scandit Express overview

  • A smart keyboard wedge for direct scanning into input fields, such as spreadsheet cells.
  • Enables employees to scan barcodes into spreadsheets or other applications accurately.
  • Includes an augmented reality overlay to prevent accidental scanning of unwanted codes.
  • Instantly downloadable onto any device with a camera.

Furthermore, if requested, we can enhance it with advanced features like those in MatrixScan Find and MatrixScan Count.

And with MatrixScan Find and MatrixScan Count it can become even more powerful

Both MatrixScan Find and MatrixScan Count are low-code solutions with a pre-built UI that slot into an existing app. However, we can add these to Scandit Express, so no development time is needed.

MatrixScan Find, because searching takes time

Give frontline workers the ability to instantly locate the items they need, eliminating errors and saving precious time. MatrixScan Find streamlines product and package discovery using augmented reality (AR).

Key Features:

  • AR-Powered Scanning: Scan multiple items and use AR to highlight the desired product or package instantly.
  • Frictionless Product Discovery: Instantly make relevant products stand out to employees.
  • Pre-built UI: Comes with pre-built integration and an inbuilt AR user interface.
  • Efficient Searching: Reduce the time wasted in tedious searching by highlighting the exact product or parcel among many.

MatrixScan Count, taking the tediousness out of counting

MatrixScan Count changes counting from a chore to an easy-to-complete task.

It will change the way you think about counting. MatrixScan Count takes shifting the job from frontline workers. Employees point the device at the pallet or packages, which will scan all of their barcodes simultaneously with just one press.

Key Features:

  • Lightning-Fast Scanning: Speed up receiving and inventory counting workflows by up to 10x.
  • AR Overlay for Accuracy: Use augmented reality for intuitive real-time feedback and effortless accuracy.
  • Incorrect scan alert: It notifies the user if a scan has not been completed so they can move closer and scan again.
  • Expert-Built Interface: Save months of development time with a robust, ready-to-use interface.
  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive and easy to learn, even for first-time users.

How it can be used in the warehouses and depots

Warehouse ops with Scandit Express

Scandit Express with MatrixScan Count makes easy work of warehouse tasks like receiving, staging, and inventory checking.

These tasks can be a constraint on resources and need to be managed efficiently. For example, here are some typical issues that drivers may encounter during the inventory management process:

  • Disruption: Stocktaking can disrupt daily operations, leading to delays in fulfilling customer orders and increased waiting times for drivers.
  • Inaccurate data: If the driver is not properly trained or equipped to perform stocktaking, there is a risk of human errors or missed scans.

Any employee can do inventory counts using any device, preventing delays in customer orders and boosting productivity.

And with MatrixScan Find…

Scandit Express with MatrixScan Find can speed up picking – including cross-docking and trans-shipping, staging, and returns handling.

MatrixScan Find functionality can also help in tech and field operations situations. For example, it can speed up finding parts.

Here is how it can help distribution center employees

Scandit with MatrixScan Find can be used in distribution centers or depots. A typical task could be finding deliveries just released from customs.

Inventory checking in the depot can be a breeze when MatrixScan Count is added to Scandit Express. Simply point the device at the parcels and push the button to scan them all at once. The user is made aware of any failed scans and won’t miss a parcel on the inventory list anymore. It can speed up workflows by up to 10x.

Why supply chain companies need Scandit Express

Every day, someone in supply chain operations will struggle with slow, error-prone, and outdated workflows.

Typically, these problems can cause delays, frustrated workers, and, worse still, unhappy customers.

Scandit Express can transform every stage of the supply chain process. The result? A reduction in costs, increased productivity, and a future-proof solution.

Scandit Express - how it could work for you

Agility and quick adaptation are key to supply chain management success. Scandit Express – with its ability to be downloaded onto any device – is tailor-made for these needs.

Hassle-Free Setup: Bypass lengthy integration processes. Simply download the application, and you’re good to go.

Zero Integration Required: One of Scandit Express’s features is its ability to operate without system integrations, saving valuable resources and time.

Immediate Operational Uplift: Supply chain businesses can instantly benefit from Scandit Express’ additional tools like MatrixScan Find and MatrixScan Count.

Pre-built Scanning UI with Scandit Express

Optimizing scanning operations requires more than just functionality—it demands an interface that users can navigate easily and confidently.

Scandit Express rises to this challenge.

MatrixScan Find and MatrixScan Count’s UI have been built through over 100 hours of user testing. The immediate benefit? Increased accuracy and reduced operational times.

So whether for counting in a warehouse or finding parcels in the distribution center, the UI is designed to cater to the specific needs of its users.

Next time you’re asked what you do…

Hopefully, the next time you’re asked what you do at a party, your answer will be a little more upbeat.

Scandit Express can be easily installed to provide the full power of Scandit’s Smart Data Capture technology on any device.

Want to learn more about Scandit Express with MatrixScan Find and MatrixScan Count? Or go here to get a free trial.

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