Technological Innovation in the Last Mile

Ebook - Digitalization Insights for CIOs and CTOs

Driving Technology Adoption in the Last Mile

Last mile delivery companies are facing a number of challenges, like rising demand and a squeeze on costs. Meet them head-on by empowering drivers with technological innovation and smart data capture.

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Doing more for less is the new mantra for the last mile. It is up to Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) to make this happen.

In this ebook, we reveal how CIOs and CTOs are rising to this challenge and ensuring their businesses stand out from the competition.

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Digital Transformation to Achieve Long-Term Agility

Digital transformation has never been more necessary. Driving it is the e-commerce boom, rising customer expectations, unpredictable demand, and the need to reduce last mile costs.

Last mile businesses need a flexible technology solution that can be quickly deployed. Without locking in investments or causing significant disruption. Smart data capture is the solution.

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La Poste logo“Scandit technology immediately delivered a level of performance that open source mobile scanning simply couldn’t match. Our mail and parcel carriers now complete deliveries with greater speed and accuracy, with fewer scanning errors.”Pierre Prygoda, IT Manager, La Poste

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