Go Straight to the Product

Scandit-enabled Search & Find takes the time and frustration out of finding the right product.

Find That ‘Hidden’ Item

Some customers love browsing around the store. For others, it is hugely irritating when they can’t find the right product quickly. Fortunately, smartphone apps, enabled with Scandit’s Search & Find functionality, can highlight that ‘hidden’ product directly on their smartphone screen.

Just Scan the Shelf with the Device

Apps using Scandit MatrixScan Augmented Reality (AR) allow customers to scan and receive information on multiple products at once. With Search & Find enabled, this could include finding specific items by brand, name, or category.

Find specific items
A brand-focused search

It doesn’t matter what your customer is searching for. If it has a barcode, Scandit-enabled smartphone scanning with Search & Find can pick it out.

Search & Find is just one of many ways barcode scanning technology, enabled with MatrixScan AR, can serve your customers.

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Locate by category
Locate by category
Self-Scanning in retail

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Contactless Customer Self‑Scanning for Speed & Safety

Right now, the safety of shoppers and retail staff is paramount. Social distancing is being urgently implemented in-stores – and one proven, practical solution for this is the deployment of self-scanning.

Find out how Scandit software helps create fast, contactless shopping through self-scanning solutions.

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Upgrading Smartphones into Enterprise-Grade Scanners

What we do – Scandit’s barcode scanning technology brings mobile computer vision to your application, turning even a basic smartphone into a sophisticated high-performance scanning device.

What this means for you – with it, your app will deliver unequaled barcode scanning, text recognition, image recognition, and augmented reality, both for your customers and employees.

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camera capabilities

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Scandit delivers highly effective data capture solutions for improving mobile apps for both retail customers and employees.

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Web-based scanning helps engage the widest possible customer base and slick experiences keep them coming back for more.

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There is no better way to understand the power and functionality of Scandit’s barcode scanning SDKs than to try them out yourself.

Computer Vision for Smart Retailers

Explore more great ways smartphone scanning can revolutionize the way your customers shop and your staff work.

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