Shipping and Receiving

Smarter shipping and receiving with Scandit computer vision-enabled software.

Why Use Smart Devices for Shipping and Receiving?

Mobile computer vision enables workers with smart devices to scan multiple barcodes in a single instance, saving a dramatic amount of time on shipping and receiving tasks. Most people use mobile apps in their everyday lives so getting employees familiar with a mobile shipping and receiving app requires little if any training. This is particularly important during peak season when temporary workers need to get up to speed quickly. Scandit data capture software enables even seasonal workers to turn any camera-equipped smart device into a robust, reliable data capture machine, capable of replace a dedicated scanner. 

Reduce Hardware Costs

Mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices perform shipping and receiving tasks as well as dedicated traditional scanners at a fraction of the cost.

Reduce Labor Costs

Employees can capture all the data from a shipment in a single scan, dramatically reducing the time and effort required to process items.

Shipment Authentication, Instant Reports

Smart devices with built-in cameras can document damaged or absent shipments in real time, driving faster and more accurate operations.

Did You Know...

According to, 90% of the world’s trade is via shipping.

The Scandit Advantage

Scans Virtually Any Code

Scandit algorithms are designed to scan lower-quality codes at any angle and in a variety of distances and lighting conditions in difficult shipping and receiving environments—bolstering the speed and reliability of your barcode scanning workflows.

Keep Your Existing Platform

In addition to a native software development kit for mobile apps, Scandit offers SDK for the Web that enables scanning in the browser without an app, and Enterprise Browser for use with enterprise platforms and corresponding mobile apps that cannot be changed.

Augments Existing Scanning Solutions

Smart devices equipped with Scandit barcode scanning solutions deliver MatrixScan and FormCapture functionality to existing shipping and receiving systems—or serve as a replacement to dedicated traditional scanning systems.

Scandit Products for Shipping & Receiving

Barcode Scanner SDK

Augment your mobile shipping and receiving app with enterprise-grade barcode scanning using our Barcode Scanner SDK for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. This innovative mobile data capture technology enables any camera-equipped device to track, locate and decode multiple barcodes simultaneously, bringing unrivaled efficiency to your data capture procedures. Barcode Scanner SDK utilizes state-of-the-art decode image-recognition algorithms to accurately read barcodes in any condition—regardless of wear, tear or blurriness—delivering consistency and convenience to your daily scanning operations.

Enterprise Browser

The Scandit Enterprise Browser enables customers to add enterprise-grade camera-based barcode scanning to any new or existing browser-based application without any integration effort.  It works with all web applications with no integration required. Enterprise Browser delivers industry-leading scanning performance for your existing B2E web-based applications.

Scandit Keyboard Wedge

Scandit’s Keyboard Wedge is an application that enables enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities on almost any mobile device. The app enhances tablet and smartphone scanning systems, allowing customers to quickly scan multiple codes in a single scan sequence. The Scandit Keyboard Wedge provides unrivaled scanning performance on any app (native or browser-based) and requires no integration, making it easy to incorporate into your existing retail systems. This comprehensive scanning solution automatically populates text fields in legacy applicationsas well as ERP, WMS and POS—delivering world-class mobile self-checkout for your customers. 

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