Scan Barcodes with the Blink of An Eye

Barcode Scanning for Wearable Apps

Mobile technology is on the cusp of a radical change fueled by the introduction of new wearable devices. Wearable devices present an opportunity to create innovative wearable apps that will transform the way we do business. Wearable devices can help improve employee efficiency, as they make it possible to support and optimize the workforce for employees with the ability to work hands-free. Apps on wearable devices make it fast and simple to interact with any barcode just by looking at it. At Scandit, we have optimized our Barcode Scanner SDK to bring enterprise-grade barcode scanning to wearable devices, including Google Glass. (Note: wearable device support is only available as part of our enterprise plans.)

Wearable Devices in the Enterprise


Streamline parts tracking on the assembly line hands-free.


Gives floor salespeople an easy, hands-free way to access product information, increase sales and personalize customer service in any retail location.

Logistics and Deliveries

Scan packages, confirm delivery information and update shipping status— leaving hands free to carry packages.

Warehouse and Distribution

Keep hands free while using equipment, managing inventory and updating shipping statuses.


Increase efficiency and decrease time for order picking—leaving employees’ hands free to select items instead of holding a handheld barcode scanning device.

Scanning with Google Glass

Need a barcode scanner for your Google Glass app? We’ve optimized our Barcode Scanner SDK to provide enterprise-grade barcode scanning for Google Glass. Below you will see a Glass-based order fulfillment app which allows employees to place orders simply by looking at a product.