Boosting Manufacturing Efficiency With Mobile Tracking

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scanning boxes with smartphone

Every manufacturer faces unique asset traceability challenges. Whether they specialize in producing vehicles, computers or any other complex product, manufacturing plants have to keep track of thousands upon thousands of tiny parts every day. Most plants make use of barcodes to identify and trace parts as they journey across assembly lines and warehouses. However, in today’s fast-paced and demanding manufacturing environments, traditional mobile scanning computers are too expensive and inflexible to keep pace, hampering inventory management and plant efficiency.

Scandit takes pride in supporting the growth and success of manufacturers around the world through robust mobile data capture solutions. Manufacturing plants leverage Scandit technology to manage and track parts and assets, effectively lowering hardware and labor costs while enhancing quality assurance systems. Today, we’ll be walking you through how our innovative solutions can help you bolster the efficiency and profitability of your manufacturing operations through mobile tracking.

Bringing Simplicity to Mobile Barcode Scanning

While traditional mobile devices are capable of accurately capturing barcode data, they’re far too bulky and expensive to deploy feasibly. That’s why leading manufacturers are forgoing these obsolescent mobile solutions in favor of smartphones equipped with mobile data capture technology. Smart devices are easier to carry and operate than dedicated barcode scanners, and if you invest in the right scanning software, they’ll deliver the enterprise-grade scanning performance your workers need to maximize productivity.

Scanning Micro Barcodes

One of the key challenges plant managers face regarding barcode scanning of manufacturing components is finding a solution that can process very small barcodes. For example, micro-Datamatrix codes are often used to identify small electronic components in computer manufacturing plants, and this tiny barcode variant gives most mobile scanning solutions a great deal of trouble. Why? Because most mobile data capture software isn’t accurate enough to reliably read these codes. That’s where Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK comes in.

The Barcode Scanner SDK is compatible with over 4,000 smart devices, pairing adaptability with unrivaled scanning performance. Not only can this solution scan extremely small barcodes (as small as 4x4mm) with ease, but it’s also capable of delivering dependable scanning results in the most demanding scanning environments. SDK-powered smart devices boast the same scanning performance of dedicated barcode scanners. Scandit’s patented scanning technology allows these devices to process multiple barcodes at once and effortlessly scan damaged, moving, blurry and poorly lit barcodes, bringing dependability to your mobile tracking operations.

BYOD Mobile Tracking

To offset the extreme costs of outfitting an entire workforce with mobile scanners, many manufacturing plants are adopting a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. By providing your staff with a powerful barcode scanning app, employees can use personal smart devices to keep track of parts passing along the production line at any time. Incorporation of the new scanning app into daily operations becomes fast and simple because your employees are already familiar with operating these devices.

This cost-effective approach to mobile tracking eliminates the need for expensive peripheral hardware, connecting your entire workforce with reliable barcode scanning capabilities via an easy-to-use app. BYOD mobile tracking makes your manufacturing operations more adaptable and mobile, opening up a wide variety of opportunities to refine your mobile tracking system through “occasional scanners.” The cross-platform capabilities of Scandit’s SDK allow you to transform even low-end smart devices without autofocus into enterprise-grade barcode scanners, making it a viable solution for virtually any manufacturing workforce.

Protecting Your Mobile Barcode Scanners

While it’s easy to appreciate the versatility and power of smart device barcode scanners in manufacturing environments, many organizations are concerned about the durability of these solutions. After all, modern smartphones certainly aren’t built with industrial part scanning in mind.

If you’re looking to improve the strength and scanning performance of your smart device scanners, then you’ll want to look into the Scandit Case. This lightweight, hardy case for iPod, iPhone and select Android devices provides leading-edge protection for barcode scanning software-equipped smart devices, allowing users to quickly scan codes and leverage all device features. The Scandit Case illuminates barcodes in dark settings and uses the built-in camera on equipped devices to quickly and efficiently scan codes. This solution contains no electrical components and operates without additional battery drain, maximizing the convenience and safety of your mobile tracking operations.

Bring Seamless Mobile Tracking to Your Enterprise With Scandit

By capitalizing on Scandit’s manufacturing solutions, your organization can use a smart device-based application to scan and track a massive variety of parts and assets. Your team can harness mobile barcode scanning to streamline its tracking processes and increase employee efficiency via faster and more reliable scan performance. Smart device-based scanning can also mitigate TCO by replacing dedicated scanners with simple, inexpensive smart device-based scanning solutions. Whether you’re looking to refine your enterprise through optimized order entry, mobile proof of delivery, asset management, or shipping and receiving, our team has innovative manufacturing solutions to help you meet your mobile tracking goals.

Interested in learning more about Scandit and our inventory management solutions? Call or message us today. You can also connect with us for more information on how to turn any smart device into a robust wireless barcode scanner.