Do Your Delivery Drivers Need Augmented Reality?

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worker carring boxes

No matter which industry you work in, you’ve likely heard of augmented reality (AR). This innovative technology combines real-world environments with computer-generated visual and audio assets, “augmenting” our world with valuable information, insights and experiences. As you might expect, augmented reality shows huge promise for digital entertainment industries. What many people don’t know is that AR has the potential to revolutionize logistics and freight operations as well. Your company can leverage this technology to support and improve the performance of delivery drivers, fostering higher profitability and customer satisfaction. Read on to learn how.

At Scandit, we take pride in empowering logistics experts with the resources they need to capitalize on emerging industry technologies. That’s why we develop world-class barcode scanning solutions that streamline warehouse management and refine package delivery systems. Today, to help you decide whether AR is a worthwhile investment for your enterprise, we’ll be discussing how it can (and could) assist delivery drivers in exceeding customer demands.

Identifying & Handling Parcels

Did you know that delivery drivers only spend about 40% to 60% of their time driving when they’re away from distribution centers? Because current drivers have to rely solely on their memory of the loading process to find the right boxes, a huge portion of their workday is wasted on searching the vehicle for parcels in preparation for the next delivery. Once you take that fact into consideration, it’s no surprise that last mile delivery is one of the most expensive aspects of logistics. Fortunately, with augmented reality, logistics companies can cut these substantial delivery expenses.

Camera-equipped mobile smart devices with AR functionality are capable of reading and tagging parcels in seconds via barcode scanning, making it incredibly easy for delivery drivers to identify the correct boxes for deliveries. Not only does this technology hasten last mile delivery operations, but it also mitigates the potential for human error—driving more efficient and accurate delivery processes. And thanks to innovations in wearable scanning devices, delivery drivers can analyze parcel information without holding a smartphone or other device, freeing up their hands to quickly and safely handle the correct boxes.

Checking Parcels Right Before Delivery

Many fragile parcels are susceptible to damages and environmental conditions such as temperature changes. If these items aren’t checked properly before delivery, they can negatively impact customer satisfaction and your company’s reputation for high-quality service. Fortunately, with mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices featuring augmented reality, delivery drivers can easily recognize and address delivery exceptions. Don’t just take our word for it; head here to watch our mobile data capture solution check the status of a parcel in real time.

Dynamic Traffic Support

Next to identifying and retrieving the right parcels, navigation is one of the most time-consuming aspects of package delivery. As consumer demands for accurate and punctual delivery increase, it’s never been more important to optimize daily delivery routes. However, due to constantly changing conditions, it’s almost impossible for drivers to plan out optimal routes on their own. Thankfully, the same AR-compatible smart devices that assist with parcel identification can be used to streamline navigation efforts through GPS technology. Delivery drivers can leverage their mobile smart device to gain fast insights into current traffic and road conditions, allowing them to plan out optimized delivery routes on the fly.

As of now, AR is used primary with wearable devices to help drivers navigate to the correct doors and buildings during delivery. In time, wearable AR devices could replace GPS entirely through heads-up and windshield displays. Upcoming AR solutions will help delivery drivers identify and execute optimized routes based on real-time road updates, minimizing user distraction in the process. This technology could even account for and display changing information on cargo condition (such as damage and fluctuating temperature), ensuring fast and effective responses.

Scandit’s Solutions Featuring AR

Barcode scanning software featuring AR enables delivery drivers to perform enterprise-grade scanning with modern smart devices, allowing logistics providers to read multiple barcodes in a single scan to find the correct parcel in seconds. Scandit-powered devices also highlight special real-time package instructions on the screen after a successful scan, bringing simplicity and speed to parcel identification and handling. Check out this article for more information on how computer vision-enabled smart devices can bolster the efficiency and performance of your delivery operations.

Our technology enables drivers by providing robust barcode scanning performance on their smart devices, transforming their mobile navigation tool into an extremely cost-effective scanner. Your drivers and dispatchers can leverage Scandit-powered smartphones to find the best delivery routes, plan itineraries and track shipments. Once they arrive at the correct location, finding the appropriate parcels becomes effortless because the solution provides AR feedback right on the screen of the device. Mobile computer vision-enabled smart devices can also be used to capture proof of delivery, as well as document missing or damaged shipments—quickly transferring this vital information into your workflow.

Embrace AR Innovation With Scandit

The points we touched on above cover just a fraction of what augmented reality is capable of in the logistics industry. We haven’t even started on picking optimization, facility planning, driver training or the other transportation solutions optimized by AR. If you’d like to learn more about this exciting technology and how it will impact logistics and deliveries in the coming years, be sure to reach out to us today. You can also shoot us a message for more information on our solutions featuring augmented reality and how they can bolster your enterprise. We’d be happy to provide any resources or support you need.